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May 25 2018

Georgetown United Against Police Aggression Banned Whites

Georgetown United Against Police Aggression is a collection of swarthy students, presumably beneficiaries of Affirmative Action, who indulge in juvenile leftist politics rather than attend to their studies. They have been resisting oppression by trying to kill a proposal that would arm the campus police, on the grounds that the guns would be used to shoot sacred Persons of Color. As for Persons Not of Color, they are shunned:

Georgetown University students who recently held a community dialogue event on a new proposal to arm campus police told their white peers that they weren’t permitted to attend.

But what about fellow-traveling whites who accept the BLM precepts that police are discriminatory villains who can’t be trusted with guns and that blacks should be allowed to run riot because forcing them to follow the law like everyone else would be racist?

The event’s description on Facebook explicitly stated that white students would not be permitted to attend, even those white students who share the group’s beliefs about police aggression as a political issue, who the group describes as “allies.”

Good thing Shaun King isn’t a Georgetown student. It would break his heart to be left out in the cold with the other Ice People.

This moonbat posturing regarding police and guns will result in needless deaths if the next Seung-Hui Cho goes berserk at Georgetown. It is dangerous enough that too few law-abiding citizens are armed.

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