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Nov 19 2018

Georgia Southern University Mandates Moonbattery

First the moonbattery insidiously subverted departments that people don’t take seriously anyway, like sociology and anthropology. It soon took over English, political science, and all the liberal arts. At Georgia Southern University, moonbattery is already mandatory for everyone:

Under the new curriculum, all first and second-year students will be required to take the yet-to-be-announced [“diversity and inclusion”] courses, according to the student newspaper The George-Anne. This move is a result of diversity and inclusion resolution, passed by the GSU Student Government Association.

It is bad enough that students, their parents, and taxpayers are forced to pay through the nose for classes of no constructive use. But these classes are worse than useless; their purpose is to instill and to institutionalize divisive black supremacist ideology.

GSU [Student Government Association] Senator-at-Large Keyshawn Housey, members of the GSU National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and members of the National Pan-hellenic Council (NPHC), a collaborative organization of African American fraternities and sororities, authored the resolution.

Students who fail to at least pretend to agree with corrosive lunacy will see their grade point average suffer.

Moonbattery is to be inescapable for GSU students:

“At this time we are looking to build into both the first year and second year experience courses diversity and inclusion modules that are integrated with an array of other assignments embedded throughout both courses,” GSU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Carl Reiber told Campus Reform. “We would like to integrate diversity and inclusion throughout the curriculum to reinforce the importance of this at many levels of the curriculum. Not just a single course.”

The heavy-handedness of the leftist indoctrination, as much as the outlandishly excessive cost, will spell doom for the prevailing university system. Students will opt for trade schools, online learning, and other alternatives that may not yet exist to obtain a constructive fact-based education at a reasonable cost.

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