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Dec 13 2019

German Bishops Pronounce Sin Normal and Unchangeable

Christians believe that you should love the sinner but hate the sin. Liberals posing as Christians believe you should love the sinner and endorse the sin. Increasingly, liberals posing as Christians control churches, which they are destroying from within. An example from Germany:

The German Catholic bishops’ conference has issued a statement declaring homosexuality to be just as “normal” as heterosexuality while adding that adultery can no longer be considered a “serious sin.”

Both the homosexual and heterosexual orientation “belong to the normal forms of a sexual predisposition that cannot and should not be changed by any specific socialization,” the Dec. 5 communiqué stated.

Homosexual acts are repeatedly excoriated throughout the Bible in the strongest terms. But if adultery is okay now, why not depravity?

No way can this stance be reconciled with the Christian religion. Progressives are past reconciliation now. This is about extirpation — wiping out Christianity in all but name and replacing it with sheer moonbattery.

Next will come the communiqué on pedophilia that some priests have been waiting for.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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