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Mar 17 2020

German Television Show Praises Coronavirus

If you think PBS is bad, check out government television in Germany, which has waded even deeper into the fetid swamps of moonbattery. In the video below, we learn that coronavirus is good for the following reasons:

1. It kills old people, whose generation “has driven the planet into a wall.”

2. It kills people with cardiovascular disease; such people often live in “prosperous developed nations” and therefore deserve to die, especially if they are American.

3. The airline industry has been crippled; according to moonbat ideology, this will save the allegedly imperiled planet and improve the weather.

4. People dying is nice in general, because there are supposedly too many of us, causing a scarcity of resources.

To sum up:

So the coronavirus is probably just a beautiful and sensible reflex of nature that shows humans who is actually in charge. That’s exactly why we should stop the petty egoism. Corona is here, because we don’t deserve better.

After watching the video, you may conclude that there are some human-hating moonbats who really don’t deserve better:

Via Gates of Vienna, on a tip from Mike_W20.

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