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May 13 2019

Germany May Introduce Mosque Tax

First, the German government displaced its own citizens, at one point importing over 1 million almost exclusively Muslim welfare colonists in a single year. Now it wants to mitigate the damage with a mosque tax.

The idea is to limit the perniciousness of mosques, which are beachheads for expansionist Islam:

Support is growing in Germany for a “mosque tax” to make Islamic institutions less dependent on potentially anti-democratic or “radical” foreign funding sources, a media report said Sunday.

The solution to every problem a liberal government like Merkel’s causes is to throw money at it. Fortunately, it appears that only Muslims would have to pay the mosque tax.

The tax would be an acknowledgement that mosques are injecting toxins into Germany:

A spokesman for the interior ministry of Baden-Wuerttemberg state had also pointed to the threat of outside influence “on theological content and political opinion”.

“In the worst case”, the spokesman had told the newspaper, this included “radical Islamist or anti-democratic content or aspirations”.

Maybe they should have thought of that before they allowed the country to be overrun by Muslim colonists. No version of Islam, whether guided from abroad or not, is going to be friendly toward infidels or democracy, unless at a phony taqiyya level.

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