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Oct 14 2019

Germany’s Conquerors Begin Taking Control

When Angela Merkel treasonously imported 1.1 million “refugees” into Germany in the single year 2015, the country was effectively vanquished. The conquering force only has to consolidate its power. According to Oliver Huth, Deputy Chief of the Criminal Police Officers’ Union in North Rhine-Westphalia, Arab gangs have been taking control of public services.

Via Legal Insurrection:

“Clans are increasingly infiltrating government agencies and job centers,” with powers to distribute payments and benefits, German newspaper Die Welt reported, citing the police union representative. He accused German politicians of “failing” to stand up against migrant crime clans, local media said. These gangs often play the racism card against police officers investigating them, the official added.

They know how to wield power in a country run by liberals. If anyone resists, bash them over the head with the word “racist.” Leftists are eager to help.

Earlier this month, Germany’s Die Linke party, the successor of the East German Communist party, decried Berlin police’s efforts to clamp down of the organized crime in the city as ‘racist.’ The Linke party is part of the left-wing coalition ruling the state of Berlin.

The police force itself has been infiltrated and will be subverted. Those who complain will be denounced as racists.

The campaign to make German police more ‘diverse’ has opened up the country’s law enforcement to Arab crime gangs. Socialist-ruled Berlin has been worst hit by this criminal infiltration. “Applicants from crime clans are being accepted into the Berlin police despite their criminal records,” a 2017 report in Focus weekly said.

Within a generation, the moonbat–Muslim alliance will render Germany dysfunctional. At best it will slump into terminal mediocrity, becoming a great rotting Argentina in the heart of Europe. More likely, it will come to resemble Syria, the strife-riven primary homeland of its conquerors.

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