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Oct 07 2019

Get Woke, Go Broke: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods shot it self in the foot by righteously proclaiming that it would no longer sell politically incorrect semiautomatic rifles for sport and home defense. Springfield Armory and the National Shooting Sports Foundation washed their hands of Dick’s, as did many customers. Economically speaking, Dick’s ostentatious moonbattery had even more immediate negative effects:

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack told CBS News that his company destroyed $5 million worth of “assault-style rifles” to keep them out of private hands.

What a tragic waste. Those guns could have saved lives if used to protect homes from violent intruders.

Stack also admitted the Dick’s gun control stance has resulted in “a quarter of a billion [dollars]” in loses.

Rather than learn a lesson from this misadventure in moonbattery, Dick’s presses forward. Many Dick’s stores no longer sell any guns at all. Stack is considering expanding this to all stores.

Having already alienated regular Americans, Dick’s no longer has much to lose. Any floorspace that is opened up they can fill with racks of overpriced but politically correct Nike sneakers.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Scott D.

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