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Mar 03 2021

Gina Raimondo Confirmed

Take heart, Rachel Levine; the Biden Administration is a great place for failing upward, so long as you can check a favored identity box. A month ago, Gina Raimondo was featured in a Profile in Incompetence for making her floundering state among the very worst in the country for doing business. Now she is no longer Governor of Rhode Island, having been confirmed as Commerce Secretary.

Lest you think that her only qualification for the job is her gender, Ted Cruz had put a hold on her nomination because she would not take a sufficiently harsh stand against Chinese telecom giant and espionage agency Huawei. Cruz says her nomination is part of a “steady and systematic embrace of communist China” by Biden’s handlers. It is a big plus if Raimondo gets along with Xi Jinping et al., when you consider how snug in bed Biden has been with the ChiComs.

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