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Nov 07 2018

Girl Scouts Sue Genderless New Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts — long a proud organization and a vital part of American culture — now reap the reward for succumbing to moonbattery. Yielding to militant social engineers who want girls and boys to be interchangeable has earned them a lawsuit from the Girl Scouts:

[P]roblems arose when “core gender distinction” was altered by the Boy Scouts of America, which announced in October 2017 it would open its doors to girls beginning in 2019. …

The Girl Scouts’ lawsuit said the Boy Scouts of America had no right under New York State and federal law to use words like “scouts” or “scouting” by themselves “in connection with services offered to girls, or to rebrand itself as ‘the Scouts. ’”

Some thought the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts had merged. In time, maybe they will. More specifically, the Girl Scouts will absorb the tattered remnants of the Boy Scouts after the latter knuckling under to militant homosexuals inevitably results in devastating lawsuits on behalf of raped children. Boys will get to be Girl Scouts so long as they pledge to despise boyhood.

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