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May 14 2018

Girls Not Made Prom King and Queen, Despite Being Interracial Lesbians

To think some people still deny that privileged identity groups like lesbians are not oppressed. Shenta Knox and Sam Washburn were not made Prom King and Queen at Morton Ranch High School in Katy, Texas, even though they are both girls and even though their relationship warrants extra P.C. bonus points for being interracial.

They were told first that they didn’t get enough votes and then that they did not qualify due to a disciplinary infraction.

Katy ISD said there are three criteria for prom court. A student needs to receive the greatest number of nominations, maintain good grades and have no student disciplinary issues. Nominees who do not meet the criteria are removed from consideration from prom court.

The real reason must be discrimination. How else can you explain interracial lesbians not getting the prize? Never mind that there is a transgender student on the prom court this year; he/she/zhe/it could be a token.

Shenta’s mother has gotten involved, demanding answers.

“Show us that the girls together did not earn it and that they were not just taken off the list because they’re a female couple,” Shera Knox said.

The last time we read about parents screeching because a high school student didn’t get her way, it led to a New Jersey school accepting all comers to the cheerleading squad. Maybe this incident will lead to a ban on cis-gender prom kings and queens.

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