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Jan 09 2020

Glaciers Still Won’t Melt at Glacier National Park

As noted earlier, signs at Glacier National Park that claimed global warming would make the glaciers disappear by 2020 had to be changed due to the climate’s noncompliance with liberal dogma. The year has now arrived and still the pesky glaciers won’t melt, so more signs have to come down.

The Communist News Network sorrowfully admits:

The most prominent placards, at St. Mary Visitor Center, were changed last year. [Park spokeswoman Gina] Kurzmen says that park is still waiting for budget authorization to update signs at two other locations.

Government moves at a pace that is downright glacial.

Despite all of the failed prognostications of doom, bureaucrats are still slow to let up with the global warming propaganda:

But the glacier warning isn’t being removed entirely, she told CNN. Instead, the new signs will say: “When they will completely disappear depends on how and when we act. One thing is consistent: the glaciers in the park are shrinking.”

They weren’t telling the truth before, so there is no reason to believe them now. Whether the glaciers are shrinking or growing is in dispute.

On tips from R F, Sad Hill, Kate P, and Rapinhoe.

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