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Dec 11 2011

Glenn Beck Accuses Tea Party of Racism

Glenn Beck starts off rationally explaining why the Big Government progressive Newt Gingrich is unacceptable as a GOP candidate — but then flies off the rails and over the shark by proclaiming that the only difference between Gingrich and the communist Barack Hussein Obama is their race, and therefore the Tea Party is racist for preferring Newt:

By resorting to this moonbat rhetoric, Beck is giving an assist to Obama if he does end up facing Gingrich, who admittedly would be an awful choice for president, but not as awful as four more years of the Manchurian Moonbat.

Via iOwnTheWorld, on tip from Rich.

31 Responses to “Glenn Beck Accuses Tea Party of Racism”

  1. kiplingsburdens says:

    Aside from Ron Paul, Gingrich is the best of a poor lot.

    Despite the baggage he carries – Gingrich is no Terrorist Addling Marxist bent on racially polarizing a nation as he dismantles it in favor of a Socialistic Paradise.

    I saw Beck make those comments and I was left shaking my head. The reality is that whatever comes from the Republicans will be a product of Big Government – Isn’t it better to have someone like Gingrich over what we have now?

    I was more interested in Beck’s comments about how he is privately hearing that we and Europe are “Done” and how the wealthy that understand this are moving overseas. He listed Singapore as one destination.

    This conclusion is what I have come to in the last few months as well. This idea for me was cemented when it was revealed that the Fed had “given” $16 Trillion to corporations and banks both foreign and domestic.

  2. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    The emotionally incontinent Beck needs to pick a profession, radio personality or Mormon evangelist. Honestly can’t stand more than ten minutes of his show anymore.

  3. What he just said…

    I think he got cought up trying to make a point and had a Perry moment!

    I understand that Gingrich is ten times worse than Bachmann, but he is still a million times better than Obama.

    He needs to come out and apologize

  4. beforethestorm says:


    Right on the money! He keeps trying to be a spiritual leader, and to do that, he keeps trying to tread the center. I realized that when he started having “civil rights” leaders on his show and talking about how great MLK was. He won’t go the whole way of his convictions. He’s trying to please everybody. I think he actually believes it is possible to solve the problems we have without using harsh words or making enemies. I used to watch his show because I like the facts his researchers came up with….he had excellent researchers! Then I’d turn him off when he began to pontificate.

  5. Bob Roberts says:

    Newt has his problems and is indeed only a standout among the lousy choices we’re given this year as potentially viable candidates.

    Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Beck screwed up, granted, but look at what he said that was true. I’m not a huge Beck fan, not a Beck fan at all. But at least, unlike those on MSNBC, CNN and other leftist outlets, SOME of what he says makes sense.

    And note he supports Santorum, who also is imperfect but, if he only had a chance, perhaps could be the best candidate running this year – which admittedly isn’t saying much.

  6. Bob Roberts says:

    BTW yeah, the race remark was a huge mistake, wrong 100%. We don’t need people supporting & encouraging that dead horse.

  7. Fiberal says:

    Beck went off the rails and blew his chances at the million-man march he held in D.C.

    At that monumental opportunity, he did nothing but cry and whimper about the “family” and god when he should have rallied the troops by rhetorically dismembering the Frank-Dodd-Pelosi-Reid-Fragile X democratic monolith at the time.

    He has since done nothing except to try and scare people into hoarding rice and beans.


    The last time the country made any progress against welfare parasites, deficit spending and generally standing athwart the democratic tsunami to shout stop, Newt was at the vanguard.

    Since then, untethered by public office, Newt has unfortunately hopped around from balmy ideas to good ideas.

    Conservatives are overlooking Newt’s capabilities in getting things done in government, simpering about his giant ego (so f’n what?) and generally confusing what he did with what he said.

    In so doing, conservatives will usher in another 4 years of BO National Socialism enforced by his goose-stepping prime minister, Eric Holder.

    Great strategy.

  8. Fiberal says:

    A much better strategy would be for the RNC to sit down with Newt and say,—-look. We will give you complete support if you:

    1) Put in Bolton as SOState as promised
    2) Ronpaul as Treasury Sec in charge of eliminating Government offices including the FED.
    3) Robert Bork for the department of justice in charge of restoring the SCOTUS by blasting out Sotomayor and Kagen under charges of perjury, arresting BO’s czars, and charging Eric Holder with murder and Barney Frank with moral turpitude.
    4) Chuck Norris to kick the s**t out of Hillary Clinton.
    5) Charles Manson in charge of the part of our Nuclear Armament pointed at Iran.

  9. Comrade Terry says:

    Beck jumped the shark long ago.

  10. chuck in st paul says:

    * shark
    * ski jump
    * Glen Beck

    some assembly required

  11. WyattsTorch says:

    The above article is one reason I stopped posting here. If you’re looking for a perfect candidate, I regret the Lord Jesus Christ isn’t running this year.

    Bashing Newt (the ONLY guy who could win…just one debate the Obama will seal that deal) just gives The Kenyan Punk a win.

    I’m glad to see that most here get that (and I think Newt might surprise a few people who think he’s a RINO statist). We controlled Bush on some issues (Dubai port, Harriet Miers, etc.) and we could do the same with Newt if he goes over the edge. There is NO chance of that with The Evil One in office.

    So which is worse…chemo or cancer? Stop handing it to Obama (got that, Ron Paul supporters)!

    Over and out.

  12. Goldenfoxx says:

    I never did like Glen Pecker – and didn’t like him when he would ball his eyes out. WTF! Watched him a couple of times a couple of years ago and never watched him again. He’s a woosie.

  13. Questionman says:

    If you accept the lie that Obama is a socialist, you can also accept the lie that all socialists hate America. If you accept the lie that Obama is a Muslim, then you can also accept the lie that all Muslims hate Jews and thus the lie that Obama hates Jews. These lies, and many others about Obama are readily embraced by racists who are desperate to view themselves as superior to the black man in the White House. Rick Perry, like Fox “News”, is simply exploiting the racist mindset of people who are ignorant enough to take him seriously.

  14. Sickofobama says:


    Did you get lost?

    This is not a pro-Obama website.

    God you libtards are everywhere.

  15. Goldenfoxx says:

    “simply exploiting the racist mindset of people who are ignorant enough to take him seriously.”

    Questionman, are you exploiting the racist mindset because no one here takes you seriously?

    I don’t care what color the man in the White House is, I care about his policies and what direction the country is going. Can you name me one thing Obama has done for this country – other than destroy it? Since he has been in office, millions of jobs have been lost, cover up of Fast and Furious, appointed 2 liberal judges to the Supreme Court, pushed this country into higher deficits, pumped through a health care bill that no one who voted for it read, more people on welfare than in past history–more socialism.

    I want him to golf more, vacation more, and shove hot dogs down his throat more. Less time for him to take us further down the rat hole.

  16. Adam says:

    Beck had no problem trying to jump on the Tea Party bandwagon (And greatly harming their public image in the process) a couple years ago when he thought doing so would give him higher ratings. Now, he turns on them the very millisecond they take a stand he disagrees with.
    Pompous, hypocritical oaf.

  17. Adam says:

    Oh, and Question idiot,
    “If you accept the lie that Obama is a Muslim, then you can also accept the lie that all Muslims hate Jews and thus the lie that Obama hates Jews.”
    1. I don’t think Obama’s a Muslim. I think he’s an Agnostic whose sympathies lie heavily with the Muslims over any other group.
    2. Most Muslims do indeed hate Jews; It’s a central tenet of Islam. According to the Koran, Allah was known for turning Jews into rats, pigs, and monkeys, and in the end of days, rocks and trees will apparently come to life and say to Muslims “There’s a Jew hiding behind me; Come and kill him.” Compare that to the Bible and the Torah that refer to the Jews as God’s chosen people.
    3. The disgraceful way Obama’s treated our ally Israel says a lot about how he most likely feels about Jews.

    Once again, like most if not all ultra- liberals, you rely on the beloved BS argument of “If you don’t fully support Obama on every issue, it means you’re a racist who hates black people and only opposes Obama because of his race.” You want to talk about believing in lies, THAT’S a lie!

  18. A. Levy says:

    At first, i was a major Beck fan, untill i started paying close attention to what he was saying and doing. One day he’s a know-it-all professor, the next day he’s a preacher who said, “only God can save America”! That did it for me. I also didn’t understand his obsession with MLK and Israel.

    Personally, i think Beck is all about Beck. I’m surprised they could fit his ego into the Fox building. He’s almost as bad as Fox’s other clown, Bill O’Ego.

  19. Dr. 9 says:

    People like Beck are living proof of how easy it is to con and manipulate the American people.

  20. Goldenfoxx says:

    “Dr. 9 says:
    December 11, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    People like Beck are living proof of how easy it is to con and manipulate the American people.”

    Is that why him and Fox parted ways? /just asking

  21. LarryG says:

    The only thing I have to offer is goldenfoxx needs to work on his spelling and grammar. I’m just too weary to reason with the rest of the ignorance and disinformation on this site. Stop obsessing with Beck. Have a look here, instead:

    Islam video Whalid Shoebat

    And here: don’t sneer, it’s serious stuff

  22. Stephan the Original says:

    Wyatt, I hear ya. Good words about the perfect candidate.

    The trouble with Beck and the old media in general is that a regular timeslot requires presenters to come up with content even if there is nothing really new to talk about. A big temptation is for them to have a higher view of their own importance. Another reason why blogs are superior to the dinosaur paradigm.

  23. Rob Banks says:

    Beck had his moment, but let’s face it – he’s finally jumped the shark.

  24. Sam Adams says:

    Sorry I disagree. If the fundamental problem that we have with the US government is that the federal government is too large and too intrusive, the solution is a president (and members of congress) who are willing to whittle down the federal government until it can fit within the confines of the constitution.

    From that perspective, Newt isn’t the guy (since he opposed Paul Ryan’s budget, had very negative comments towards the TEA party, still supports Medicare Part D and is willing to let the federal government intrude into all sorts of areas of our lives). Many don’t support Romney for the same reasons, since RomneyCare is the poster child of a too large, too intrusive government.

    So if you want a progressive, intrusive federal government, what are the essential differences between Teddy Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt-lite?

  25. […] they were,” Beck said in July 2010. Now, it seems he finally knows there are. And he’s being disowned by conservative blogs for expressing this. Conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart responded by […]

  26. DV says:


  27. Weirdstuff says:

    This is a cute blog. I wonder how many people commenting here actually know the first thing about government and economics. When you have to use Fox keywords to make a point instead of dara…maybe you are not making a point at all? Folks like you are why Ron Paul would never get the chance to fix this country, you only hear the loudest shiny object on the big screen…not what the words mean. Think about that when you are voting for the corporate lobbyist if he gets the GOP nod.

  28. hadenough! says:

    I know I am late to the party on this post but… busy weekend.

    I will defend the comment by GB, I don’t believe that he thinks anyone is/was a racist that would choose Newt.

    Glenn was using hyperbole, to show that there is no fundamental difference between Newt and Obama, except the D & R following their names.

    I happen to agree but I think Beck should have chosen a different exageration to actually make the point, now everyone is hung up on the “race” issue, when in reality, there isn’t one.

    I am one of those that will vote my conscience (Santorum) in the primary and for the non-obama in the general. It is the only way.

  29. oldguy says:

    You have to understand what’s happening to Beck. He took a big gamble leaving Fox News to start his own network and now finds himself fading from the limelight, hence the controversy about Newt and the Tea Party. Too bad, really.

  30. wingmann says:

    kiplingsburdens says:
    December 11, 2011 at 11:46 am
    One of my friends who does international consulting for corperations and who is the SMARTEST person I know (phd from Brown)just moved himself and family to Singapore.

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