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Sep 12 2019

Global Climate Strike at Amazon

Jeff Bezos may have some moonbat inclinations, but he isn’t a fool, or he wouldn’t have built such a successful company. That means job-seekers should get their resumes ready. Amazon was already planning on hiring 30,000 people in six cities. It should have at least another 1,000 openings due to the Global Climate Strike:

Since late last year, a group of workers within Amazon have been organizing to push the company to radically reduce its carbon emissions. [Monday], they announced a major new action: on 20 September, Amazon workers around the world will walk out of their offices to join the Global Climate Strike. So far, more than 1,000 workers have pledged to participate. The organizers have three demands. They want the company to commit to zero emissions by 2030, to have zero custom cloud computing contracts with fossil fuel companies and to spend zero dollars on funding climate-denying lobbyists and politicians.

The demands are crazy enough to make the Democrat Party platform.

Amazon ships around 1,600,000 packages per day. Without emitting any harmless carbon dioxide, this would fall to zero. Global Climate Strike moonbats want to scuttle the ship they are sailing on.

Treating energy companies as if they were child molesters is not only thuggish but insane. They are responsible for the lights staying on, for our cars taking us where we need to go, and for Amazon being able to employ people. That’s why Bernie Sanders wants these capitalism enablers thrown in jail.

The thuggery goes even further with the final demand. Who determines who qualifies as a “climate denier”? If I say taxes need to be raised 70% or the world will end by Wednesday, does that make me a climate denier if someone on CNN is shrieking that taxes must be raised 80% or the world will end by Tuesday?

Global Climate Strike nuts would be much happier working in the media or for the Democrat Party anyway. Amazon is encouraged to show some sense and fire any moonbat who tries to bully the company by not showing up for work.

Their ideology is far scarier than climate fluctuation.

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