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May 04 2016

Global Warming Inquisition Targets Conservative Think Tanks

Climate crime is thought crime. That’s why the cabal of Democrat AGs who have been pushing for the criminalization of global warming skepticism are targeting conservative think tanks:

The attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands is targeting dozens of conservative and libertarian organizations in a racketeering lawsuit against climate change skeptics that has been widely described as an effort to silence political opponents.

In a subpoena issued in March, the office of USVI attorney general Claude Walker demanded from Exxon Mobil copies of communications between the oil company and 90 different political and policy organizations “and any other organizations engaged in research or advocacy concerning Climate Change or policies.”

The subpoena was part of a national, coordinated legal campaign by state attorneys general and left-wing advocacy groups to use the legal system against companies and organizations that disagree with and advocate against Democratic policies to address global climate change. …

Those organizations include some of the nation’s preeminent conservative and libertarian nonprofit groups. The AG is requesting Exxon Mobil communications with the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, the Federalist Society, the Hoover Institution, the Reason Foundation, and the Mercatus Institute, among other groups.

This goes far beyond the AG of the Virgin Islands:

Walker’s subpoena is part of a coordinated effort by Democratic attorneys general spearheaded by New York’s Eric Schneiderman and undertaken in consultation and cooperation with leading environmental advocacy groups.

Their objective: the criminalization of dissident thought.

Walker’s subpoena is itself of dubious legality, according to some legal experts.

“What they’re doing looks like a concerted scheme to restrict the First Amendment free speech rights of people they don’t agree with,” itself a potential violation of federal law, wrote University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds.

Again we see that the global warming hoax isn’t about controlling the weather. It is about controlling us.

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17 Responses to “Global Warming Inquisition Targets Conservative Think Tanks”

  1. rambler says:

    Why stop there…. they really want to target all who won’t allow them to be the dictators that they want to be.

  2. Wilberforce says:

    Was just talking about this with Glenn Reynolds on his Facebook page today.

    Bunch of control freaks, all of them.

  3. TED says:

    SO THIS want’s to attack US and tell us about weather?! Isn’t it ALWAYS HOT and DAMP to them?

  4. TED says:

    Isn’t it WONDERFUL the UNITERS have been in power for almost a decade now!!

  5. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    If they pull this off, they certainly won’t stop there.

  6. rambler says:

    The control freak left can’t take no for an answer…. ever. They are borg.

  7. Ed. G. Mann says:

    OK, everyone here is against this. Glad to see that! So what are you going to do about it? Write to your CongressCritter? What is he/she going to do? Ask Ryan to politely talk to them? Pretty please with nice-nice on top? They haven’t cared a damn so far, what makes you think they’ll listen to you now?

    You better get behind Trump and demand that he make this an election issue. That puts Hillary on the spot, she can’t come out in favor of suing conservative think tanks, not after Obama’s stunt with the IRS.

    Or are you going to sit in the corner and cry about it.

  8. MsnDxn says:

    “….the global warming hoax isn’t about controlling the weather. It is about controlling us.”

    Here’s how to solve the problem. Take a look at the people in the photo, and then think about this: Is there anything particularly special about them? Are they somehow anointed with extra-special intelligence or insight or acumen? No. They’re just elected political types, which means they’re corrupt.

    Every one of them could be marched straight into prison, in handcuffs, at the business end of the Second Amendment, and nobody would miss them. The only reason they can go forward with their people-controlling agenda is because we’re letting them do so.

    It’s time to change the way we work with politicians. In the late 1700’s the French revolted against the elites and took back control of their country. It’s about time we did that with ours.

  9. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    “In the late 1700’s, the Americans revolted against the elites and took back control of their country.”

    Fixed that for you. Point stands, though.

  10. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Well, if we’re you, we’ll sit in the corner and yell at people for “butting into other people’s business and telling them what to do”, and proceed then to butt into their business and tell them what to do. Then we’ll smoke another “serenity” and pretend to be better than all those icky religious people who DARE to exist in your presence.

    Fortunately, we’re not you, so there’s a chance that things will improve.

  11. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    That, in conjunction with veganism, would explain so much of why they think it’s getting gassy and hot…

  12. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Right-O. When Obama sicced the IRS on the conservatives nothing happened. No pushback. Congress snickered at the whole thing, held some hearings that went nowhere and Obama will pardon the whole batch before he leaves office.

    The Romans dealt with the Christians, kept their lions well fed and happy. Tings improve when you DO something about it. Until then there is no chance for improvement because there is no reason to improve.

    And you will not be getting a pony either.

  13. Kellisnorris1 says:

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  14. millard fillmore says:

    If the AGs can subpoena communications of conservative groups,there is no legal reason why communications between AGs and various leftist/enviroweenie groups can’t be subpoenaed as a part of the case,since these people are part of government,and we’re told,believe in ‘openess’,whatever that really means.Make hay in the new press if they refuse to provide their communications,especially now that the old media isn’t the only source of news.Other,financial connections between the AGs and their families and the environmental/leftist lobbying groups can also be made public.Don’t let the AGs control the information in the public eye,don’t let them label anyone without a suitable label being applied to their methods and ‘special relationships’.

  15. Orszag says:

    The French did many things but reclaiming control over their country. Instead, they managed to try every single party and political formation, returning to monarchy and a restoration of the Bourbons after the Bonaparte-“dynasty” fell. But that’s a different and ugly story, I get your point.

  16. Lobotomist says:

    What if those AG’s and other government officials used a private email server for their illegal communications?

    Nahhh, never happen . . . . . . . wait? . . .

  17. 762x51 says:

    Sure they can, but you have to use superior firepower to get them to accept it. That is the only way tyrants have ever been removed from power. You can vote them in but you cannot vote them out.

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