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Sep 20 2019

Global Warming Is Caused by Christian Racism

Daniel José Camacho is a Moonbat of Color, the offspring of immigrants to the USA from Colombia. He has an MDiv degree from Duke Divinity School, and has written for the Guardian, Time, and the Washington Post. Here he reveals that global warming, well known to be the worst crisis ever, is caused by the previously undiscovered phenomenon of Christian racism:

Why shouldn’t a nonexistent crisis have a nonexistent cause?

Commentary from Def-Con News:

I’ll have to see the science behind this, but if it can be proven that’s great news because we won’t have to give up straws and cheeseburgers. Cows will be free to fart as much as they want and we can take those HOV stickers away from insufferable Prius drivers.

But seriously,

Despite claims they are the party of science, democrats base all of their positions on a combination of outrage, ignorance, and emotion. They take all of the things they hate, put ‘em in a bowl, toss, and then serve a word salad of absurdity. This could have just as easily been: “heterosexuality ruins socialism because of the 2nd Amendment.”

Moonbattery comes in countless different colors, but beneath the surface it is always the same depraved rot. Any difference between the global warming hoax, “antiracism” (i.e., hatred of Caucasians), and hatred of Christianity is too superficial to matter.

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