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Aug 28 2019

Global Warming Lunacy Could Sink German Economy

For decades, the German economy has been the powerhouse of Europe. Now, it is contracting. This is largely a result of moonbattery, which sooner or later destroys anything it infects. Unless there is a dramatic change of leadership in Germany, the situation will continue to deteriorate.

Moonbat Chancellor Angela Merkel already struck a mighty blow against the German economy by importing over 1 million “refugees” (i.e., welfare colonists) in a single year. Now she has proclaimed that Germany will be “climate neutral by 2050.”

This apparently means that she has upped the previous reduction target for harmless CO2 from 90% to 100%. Here’s what that would cost:

The Chancellor’s new promise to achieve the last ten percentage points of CO2 reduction increases the additional energy costs from 4,600 to around 7,600 billion euros by 2050.

This is an astronomical figure: it is more than double the amount of all goods and services produced in Germany in 2018.

Already Germany has the most expensive energy in Europe due to green energy Dummheit. There is a limit to how much envirofascist lunacy an economy can withstand without collapsing — as we will quickly learn in the USA if Bernie Sanders has his way.

Meanwhile, China produces 10 times as much harmless CO2 as Germany. Good luck getting the Chinese to go “climate neutral.”

It appears increasingly unlikely that human CO2 emissions are driving any perceptible fluctuation in the climate anyway. This is a fortunate, because Germans may have to cut down their carbon-absorbing forests to make room for all the windmills they will need to produce enough carbon-free electricity.

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