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Jun 13 2024

Global Warming Will Drown Us in Sewage

What, you still aren’t ready to sacrifice your freedom and standard of living to the liberal agenda out of sheer hysteria in the name of the global warming hoax? Then let’s try this:

As detailed by The Washington Post, there are millions of septic tanks across the American South, but rising seas associated with a warming planet are turning them into a public health concern.

So someone still reads WaPo after all. Let’s hope William Lewis has a source of information more reliable than his own paper, so he gets the good news.

The publication explains that septic systems need to sit above a certain amount of dry soil to work properly. …

Now, rising seas combined with more frequent bouts of torrential rain are leading to shallower soil buffers. In some cases, the systems become submerged by water, the Post said…

It didn’t use to rain in the South. The ground didn’t use to get wet. Then came global warming.

If a conventional septic system is submerged, toilets can stop working, and waste can flood yards and streets. This can easily become a public health emergency, putting communities at risk for gastrointestinal diseases and other health hazards.

Add gastrointestinal hazards to the list of reasons we must radically transform society in accordance with the Great Reset so as to adjust the global thermostat to the optimal temperature.

In Alabama’s Lowndes County, hookworm has become a problem due to raw sewage from failing septic systems inundating yards and even belching out of bathtubs.

What’s worse, we are told that septic system problems caused by climate change “disproportionately affect” sacred minority communities.

Fortunately, all this can be avoided. Liberals tell us we can prevent the climate from continuing to fluctuate the way it always has by eating bugs. Look, the Chinese are doing it:

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