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May 11 2019

Global Warmists Target Crops

Radically reducing our standard of living with their war on energy production would be bad enough. But the scope of their ambitions goes beyond that. It isn’t enough for us to shiver in the dark. We won’t be completely at their mercy until we are starving. That’s why we read propaganda shrilly opposed to agriculture — no longer just livestock, but even merely growing crops — in science publications like Physics World:

Between 2008 and 2012 expansion of cropland in the US released carbon each year equivalent to the running of 36 coal-fired power plants, according to scientists in the US.

If this is true, we can rejoice, because that carbon will help the crops to grow. But according to leftist political doctrine, carbon endangers the planet by allowing the climate to continue fluctuating the way it always has.

“Folks can easily see and understand how tropical deforestation removes carbon from the landscape and emits it to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide,” says Seth Spawn of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, US. “But in the US and other more temperate areas, land-use change disproportionately affects grassland ecosystems where – being stored underground – the vulnerable carbon is far less visible, but nevertheless abundant.”

Now, you cannot even plant crops on former grassland without offending the climate.

Just how much “vulnerable carbon” is stored underground? The amount is directly correlated to the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin.

The proposed solution: land retirement and preservation programs.

To expect this to have any perceptible effect on the weather would be laughable, but it would certainly affect the availability of food.

Joseph Stalin, author of the Holodomor, winks in approval down in hell.

Hilariously, grassland is getting cleared for the sake of growing crops for biofuels — a corrupt and wasteful political boondoggle that is justified by supposedly reducing carbon emissions. Yet again we see that the global warming hoax is a farce. But that doesn’t mean the point of it isn’t malevolent in the extreme.

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