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Dec 03 2023

Globalist Elite Jet Into Dubai

Swarms of moonbat globalists have converged on Dubai for COP28, where they are munching caviar and deciding what basic necessities like transportation we little people need to give up lest CO2 offend the allegedly problematic climate. They arrived largely by private jet:

Rishi Sunak, David Cameron and King Charles are just three of the more than 70,000 delegates from nearly 200 countries at the latest UN climate summit in Dubai, COP28. But they are among hundreds who will have travelled there by private jet. In fact, the UK prime minister, foreign secretary and king even travelled in three separate planes. …

Flying is already one of the most carbon-intensive forms of travel both due to emissions from burning jet fuel and because vapour trails help create high altitude clouds which trap more heat in the atmosphere. …

Private jet travel is the most polluting mode of all, consuming lots of fuel yet carrying few passengers.

Relevant stats:

Let’s hope global warming didn’t ice up their jets:

There is no global warming crisis, and even if there were, destroying our standard of living would not stop the climate from fluctuating, hysterical shrieks from morons like William Shatner notwithstanding. Even the kooks hobnobbing in Dubai know this, or they would hold a Zoom meeting instead.

Pope Francis did not attend in person, not because he takes his own religion (i.e., moonbattery) seriously but due to poor health. He had an underling read his demand that we revert to a preindustrial lifestyle and institute global socialism because the weather:

In a wide-ranging statement, Pope Francis called for an end to coal, oil and gas as well as lifestyle changes to save the planet.

Without these fossil fuels, the world economy would collapse. Most of us would perish by violence or starvation.

He also asked for debt forgiveness for poorer countries hit by climate change.

The Three Stooges would have known how to deal with these Davos types. A large stack of cream pies would be involved.

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