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Jun 05 2020

#GoBaldForBLM Dupes Female Moonbats Into Shaving Their Heads

Hats off to 4chan pranksters — but let’s hope their latest victims keep their hats on, because women tend to look hideous after they shave their hair off to express their devotion to black supremacist ideology:

A post on the notorious website states, “Get #goBaldForBLM trending on Twitter and Instagram. The idea is to get women, particularly white women, to shave their heads for BLM. Guilt them into getting rid of their straight “white” hair to show “solidarity” with black women.”

Many have already figured out that this is a prank, and that they have been duped into deforming their appearance so as to make it all the more obvious that they are fools.

Head shaving may take root anyway. Recall that the notion of the okay sign being “white supremacist” was also a 4chan hoax (code named Operation O-KKK). Now, making the okay sign can get you fired or banned indefinitely from Wrigley Field because the thought police consider it politically unclean.

On tips from Kate P and Stormfax. Hat tip: Big League Politics.

2 Responses to “#GoBaldForBLM Dupes Female Moonbats Into Shaving Their Heads”

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