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Jun 13 2018

Google Proposal: Lower Pay for Lower Position on Cultural Marxist Totem Pole

Goodbye merit. In utopia, compensation will be based not on your aptitude, your industriousness, or the results you produce, but on your position regarding the cultural Marxist totem pole — or at least it will if moonbats infesting Google have their way:

On behalf of Zevin Asset Management, a self-described “socially responsible” investment firm, Google employees presented a proposal that requested Alphabet Inc. [Google’s parent company] consider “integrating sustainability performance metrics — including metrics regarding diversity and inclusion — among other factors evaluated in awarding executive pay … to help drive sustainability performance and improve senior executive accountability on race and gender-based inclusion during a time of particular challenge in our Company’s development.”

That is, employee pay would be determined in part by the same factor that gets employees hired in the first place these days: not being a member of the core population that built America. If you manage to get hired despite being a white male who doesn’t base his identity on sexual perversion or rejecting Christianity, you would be paid less — probably increasingly less, given the incremental nature of progressive tactics.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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