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Aug 10 2018

Government Waste Alert: Over $140,000 to Combat Transsexual Stigma in Nepal

Federal agencies are going berserk trying to spend all the money that was dumped in their lap by the latest omnibus extravagance. To grasp the scale of the government waste, consider that the National Institutes of Health is blowing over $140,000 and counting to combat the “intersectional stigma” of weird men in Nepal who pretend to be women:

Researchers at Public Health Foundation Enterprises, a nonprofit based in California, said their taxpayer-funded project is necessary because no one has ever investigated trans stigma in Nepal beforeā€¦

Even now they are discovering ways to waste our money so outlandishly depraved that no one had ever thought of them.

The project began in July and has received $140,625 from taxpayers so far. Research is set to continue through April 2020. The project is entitled, “Reducing Intersectional Stigma Through Increased Social Participation Among Transwomen in Nepal.”

It’s all part of the jihad funded by US taxpayers to bestow social justice upon the freakazoids and sexual deviants of this obscure and faraway land.

Researchers on the project will also work with the Blue Diamond Society in Nepal, the first LGBT group in the country whose mission is to fight for “social justice” of sexual and gender minorities.

Maybe you should put in some extra hours at work. Wealth cannot be confiscated and arrogantly wasted until it has been generated.

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