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Jul 31 2020

Graduates Demand West Point Surrender to Moonbattery

There aren’t many institutions left for leftists to infiltrate and subvert on their long march through them. Even the military is beginning to fall. The woke West Point curriculum, which teaches men how not to be a man, has been taking effect among weaker-minded recent graduates. Via Campus Reform:

West Point graduates are calling on the United States Military Academy to transform the academy into an “anti-racist space,” alleging that the school is home to “systemic racism.”

Belief in the myth of anti-black “systemic racism” is closely correlated with the belief that the enemy is not the enemy; America is the enemy.

The proposal was signed by graduates from both the class of 2018 and the class of 2019. … The proposal comes after nearly two dozen Democratic lawmakers called on the military installation to remove any reference to Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

Robert E. Lee was one of the greatest generals in American history. Continuing to grant him the respect he earned was part of the graciousness that allowed the country to heal after the Civil War. But you won’t find much graciousness among cancel culture liberals.

The moonbat graduates want more than to tear down statues of giants like Lee; they demand “anti-racist monuments erected in their stead.”

George Patton is lucky he never lived to see statues of Al Sharpton and Shaun King where the likenesses of great men had once stood.

The moonbats pule that “the conditions for an anti-racist space are not present at West Point.” Sounds like some of the graduates were transfer students from the Victim Studies program at Barnard College. They demand that the West Point curriculum include “anti-racism.”

West Point can afford to teach about blacks’ antiquated yet weaponized grievances rather than military science, because officers won’t need military knowledge after progressives have finished transforming the Armed Forces into a combination jobs program and social engineering laboratory.

The graduates contend that in an effort to end systemic racism at West Point, individual statements from “prominent white leaders” should be released and that those statements should acknowledge “how their white privilege sustains systems of racism, explain the role they will play as an ally in destroying the norm of white supremacy, and mandate their subordinates to have these conversations with their units.”

This brand of brainwashing is already underway and would go into overdrive under de facto president Karen Bass.

West Point already has a black superintendent, Darryl Williams, who piously intones about “eradicating racism.” But so long as they have been getting their way, SJWs will never be mollified. They demand the institution condemn itself for being racist and genuflect to Marxist domestic terrorists by officially stating that Black Lives Matter.

Woman of Color Simone Askew was made First Captain, the highest-ranking cadet. Here’s how she pays back West Point:

Askew reflected on her time at West Point in the proposal and provided examples of West Point’s alleged lack of action with regards to racism on its grounds.

Successful careers await the moonbat graduates, assuming that Democrats prevail politically. Recall that Obama already began to purge the officer corps. Openings will continue to be created for the politically desirable.

As noted earlier, whatever moonbattery infiltrates is rendered disgusting and then destroyed. In its place, we are presented with a sad imitation of what was lost, serving only as a platform for leftist agitprop, like Hollyweird.

Who is going to defend the USA when soldiers have been replaced by moonbats? Nobody. America also needs to be rendered disgusting and destroyed. That’s what all the progress has been progressing toward. Currently, liberals are still at the “render disgusting” phase.

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