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May 16 2018

Graduation Day in America

Here’s how a genuine American celebrates her graduation:

Commentary at Barstool Sports demonstrates that you don’t need to know much about guns to get the point:

Feel like she could have made her point with something a little more low key than the f[***]ing sniper rifle from Halo, but then again, that’s what she was trying to do: make a statement. Certainly caught my attention with that 5 foot long BEAST of a weapon. Gotta think she kind of has a point with the whole “deterrent” argument of Campus Carry too. Maybe I’m a coward but if I’m heading over to shoot up a college I’m having big time second thoughts if I see little blondes in white sundresses walking around the quad with f[***]ing scoped rifles straight out of Fortnite. I will not be Coming to Take It.

If AR-15s can be “assault rifles,” AR-10s can be 5-foot-long sniper rifles. Never mind; the important thing is that Kaitlin Marie got her message across.

On a tip from seaoh.

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