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Feb 23 2020

Graffiti Vandals Awarded $6.7 Million

As mentioned earlier,

The fundamental basis of civilization is property rights. Without them, society disintegrates into tyranny and/or chaos.

California is not the only case in point. New York also springs to mind:

Developers have lost an appeal against $6.7 million awarded to graffiti artists whose work they destroyed to make way for luxury condos in New York.

A federal appeals court upheld the 2018 decision by a judge that the spray paintings by 21 artists were ‘wrongfully and willfully’ destroyed.

That is, the graffiti “artists” (aka vandals) who covered this Long Island City, Queens property with temporary “art” are to be paid $6.7 million on a coercive basis by Jerry Wolkoff, the owner of the property they defaced, because US District Judge Frederic Block so rules.

The vandals have been granted property rights to their handiwork. In contrast, Wolkoff does not enjoy property rights. He whitewashed the graffiti and then demolished the building, as would be his right if the building belonged to him in any meaningful sense. Where leftists rule, property rights are arbitrary, so that nothing really belongs to anyone — or rather, everything belongs to Big Government.

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