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Nov 18 2012

Grand Deception

Jihad in America: The Grand Deception offers a little background on the Muslim Brotherhood that you won’t get from the Islamophile “mainstream” media:

People closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the top levels of our government. Barack Hussein Obama has helped the Muslim Brotherhood exploit the “Arab Spring” to take control of Egypt, a former ally that continues to receive $billions stolen from US taxpayers.

On tip from IslandLifer and Bill T.

12 Responses to “Grand Deception”

  1. Alphamail says:

    Creeping Sharia is breaking into a full trot.

    Notice at the bottom of the article they mention Ex-Im Bank.

    See my comment “Spending Our Money to Modernize the Power Grid…of a Hostile Muslim Country” 11/16 – below

  2. Disprove says:

    My grandfather was in the Wehrmacht during the WW2, does that mean I’m a Nazi?

  3. Alphamail says:


    You question drips of eugenics.

    So the answer is Yes – if your dad picked his nose and ate it so will you, if he ended up a car salesman so will you, and if he always pisses on his hand when he takes a leak, so will you.

    That is how it will be – and you can never change.

  4. KHarn says:

    “Disprove says:November 18, 2012 at 1:11 pm”

    Your question is off-topic and a load of crap.

    But I’m guessing that you think we are accuseing ALL muslims of being terrorists. BULLSPIT. We pointed the finger at no one, nor did we name any names.

    WE DON’T HAVE TO name names or point the finger; it’s quite obvious who the terrorists are.

  5. Jodie says:

    And now the Muslim Brotherhood is working to take over Jordan:

    “Jordan’s anti-government riots aimed ultimately at removing King Abdullah from power are so severe that the government has turned 10,000 of its soldiers into riot police.

    Religious Freedom Coalition President and Founder William Murray said the ruthlessness of the rioting prompted the move.

    “The king has given police uniforms to 10,000 soldiers to try to maintain order,” he said.

    Those soldiers-turned-police are not the only ones guarding the king. Terrorism analyst and Act for America President Brigitte Gabriel said there are U.S. troops on the ground in Jordan.

    “We have actually positioned troops in Jordan to protect King Abdullah,” she said. “We’ve said that the Americans in Jordan are just there in case something happens in Syria so we can be close.”

    Gabriel also said the situation has grown more intense: “The reality is, we have placed troops in Jordan so we can protect the royal family in case of an uprising which we are now witnessing before our own eyes.”

    Murray reported that aid workers with his organization in Jordan have come astonishingly close to the action.

    “The riots in Jordan are about one mile from our warehouse,” he said. “The Muslim Brotherhood has cut all roads between Jordan’s cities.”

    Gabriel, who is a native of Lebanon, said the violence is no surprise, and “the Muslim Brotherhood is rising in Jordan.”

    She warned that the king’s position is in danger.”

  6. Bo-Jangles says:

    Rational people all know that the Muslim-in-Chief is giving away the middle east to his brothers in the Muslim Brotherhood. And unlike the American sheeple, the Israelis have been paying very close attention to the actions, not the words, of our Muslim president. And i’m sure they’re smart enough not to trust him.

  7. Dr. 9 says:

    Disprove says: November 18, 2012 at 1:11 pm
    “My grandfather was in the Wehrmacht during the WW2, does that mean I’m a Nazi?”

    Until Muslims are eradicated, totally eradicated, the world will never again know peace.

  8. So Cal Jim says:

    Dr. 9 – Bingo!

  9. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Your Moslem President now -proves- we fought WWII for nothing.


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