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Jun 23 2024

Great Replacement Strategy Confirmed

Left-wing propagandists shout that the Great Replacement is a conspiracy. Yet it is happening right in front of our eyes. Project Veritas provides confirmation that the unlawful displacement of the American population is a deliberate strategy to produce single-party Democrat rule:

America has been very good to liberal elitists like wealthy entertainer Louis CK. But he says the deliberate eradication of our nation is no worse than it deserves:

The success of American civilization is its unforgivable sin, from the viewpoint of the moonbats who are systematically destroying it. As Barack Obama might put it, we need to make America more like the rest of the world — i.e., erase America, and fill up the place where it used to be with everywhere else.

The rest of the world is largely the sort of place where people like Obama and Biden can secure power indefinitely. America is the exception they want to snuff out.

On tips from Wiggins, Chris Neilson, and Anonymous.


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