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Jan 16 2017

Greatest Show on Earth Is Over

Last May, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus used elephants in its show for the last time, bowing to relentless pressure from animal rights militants. This May, the circus itself will perform its swan song. Moonbats are delighted to have helped bury another piece of Americana:

The Humane Society of the United States described itself as “long a bitter adversary of Feld Entertainment and Ringling Bros.” in its response to the news. In 2014, Feld Entertainment won $25.2 million in settlements from groups including the Humane Society, ending a 14-year fight over allegations that circus employees mistreated elephants, the AP reported.

“Ringling Bros. has changed a great deal over a century and a half, but not fast enough,” Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society, said in a statement. “It’s just not acceptable any longer to cart wild animals from city to city and have them perform silly yet coercive stunts.”

There’s something more amazing than any spectacle staged by Ringling Bros.: a moonbat objecting to coercion.

Will they be satisfied with the fall of the circus? No, they will not:

The animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals also welcomed the announcement Saturday night, calling it “the end of the saddest show on earth” and demanding that other acts follow suit.

“All other animal circuses, roadside zoos, and wild animal exhibitors, including marine amusement parks like SeaWorld and the Miami Seaquarium, must take note: society has changed, eyes have been opened, people know now who these animals are, and we know it is wrong to capture and exploit them,” PETA said in a statement.

After they have put an end to zoos, marine parks, et cetera, the militants will turn their attention to pets, who must be liberated to fend for themselves in the name of animal equality.

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14 Responses to “Greatest Show on Earth Is Over”

  1. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Moonbats excel at destroying the livelihood of others.

  2. KHarn says:

    When they shut down all of the animal shows and exhibits, what happens to the animals? Turn them lose in the wilds where they have no experience? Or shoot them?
    Send the animals to the homes of the “animal rights” assholes and let THEM deal with the problem.

    The comments are worth reading.

  3. SNuss says:

    Schumer’s clowns will have to provide the entertainment, from now on.

  4. Troy McClure says:

    At least Ringling Brothers/Barnum Bailey had a vested interest in making sure that elephants survived as a species. Elephants in the wild will probably disappear within this century but not due to the circus but to poaching, illegal ivory trade and land mismanagement in Africa & South East Asia. The SJWs can sleep a little easier at night but wild elephants gain nothing from this.

  5. Mack says:

    My little dachshund, cuddled and dozing in my right arm as I type lefty only for the duration of her nap, is doing much better than if she were in the wild being eaten by a wolf or other critter.

  6. Mack says:

    I blame the Russians, btw.

  7. TrueConservative says:

    “SAD! After 146 Years, ‘The Greatest Show in Earth’ is Shutting Down”
    —and we all know why: A top attraction of a circus used to be the FREAK SHOW. But now all the freaks are in the d-cRAT party and there is NO WAY a circus can compete that that bunch !!!!

  8. JTLiuzza says:

    To attach yourself to a “cause” that feeds your need to feel morally superior, and to actually experience success bending others to your will is the ultimate drug for the narcissistic, sanctimonious left.

    We all need religion. Either you acknowledge the truth that there is One greater than you. Or you settle in to the warm and comfy delusion that you are superior to everyone you could possibly encounter.

    For the puffed up, today’s satisfaction is shutting down a circus, or pretending two men can be married, or decreeing that a woman can be a man, or proclaiming that it’s ok to murder a person in the womb, or deciding that nobody should be able to buy a 20 ounce soda.

    It doesn’t matter. Their narcissism and thirst for control knows no ends. Each and every breath you take and each thought in your head they must control. It is their raison d’etre.

  9. Chronos Z. Wonderpig says:

    illegal backroom circuses

  10. Pyrran says:

    They don’t make anything, they don’t build anything, all they know how to do is destroy everything. They are the social vandals. They spray paint their social grafitti over everything that is good and true and leave destruction in their wake.

  11. Edithdcrosland says:

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  12. Columbuslady says:

    And when the pets are “liberated” and turned out to their “freedom,” they’ll die of starvation or predators. Similar fates await the animals “freed” from the zoos and circuses. But the “animal rightists” will FEEL GOOD about themselves, which is all that matters.

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