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Dec 25 2019

Green Christmas in Canadian Oil Country

Because moonbattery is a totalitarian ideology, everything must be bent to its service. This includes even Christmas, so long as Christmas is allowed to exist. From Saskatchewan, via the CBC:

On Thursday, the Oxbow Prairie Horizons School’s annual concert featured a show titled: “Santa Goes Green.”

This belligerent insertion of enviromoonbattery not only corrupts Christmas, it is a slap in the face to the local economy and culture.

Oxbow is a community where a good number of workers are in the mining and resource industries. In fact, the town’s logo prominently contains a pumpjack.

Parent Mike Gunderman took to Facebook to express his outrage:

“It wasn’t even a Christmas concert at Christmas time,” he said. “It was blatantly just an anti-oil protest.”

A local educrat played innocent:

“There was no political agenda,” said Audrey Trombley, chair of the [South East Cornerstone Public School Division]’s Board of Trustees. “The teacher chose the song because of the rhythm and the beat, and thought the kids would like it.”

This apparently refers to the song, “Turn Off the Pump.” Via the Saskatoon StarPhoenix:

“Turn off the pump and plug in the sleigh, it’s going to be a green holiday,” children sing at the beginning of a song in one online performance.

Further on, children sing: “Nothing at all could this holiday spoil, except for the price of a barrel of oil.

“On this Christmas Eve we’ll give it our all, and juice up the sleigh with pure ethanol.”

Sure, no political agenda at all. Totally focused on the reason for the season.

Despite her denial, Trombley did apologize, provoking rage from more militant moonbats who took the apology as evidence that schools are in the pocket of Big Oil.

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