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Nov 03 2012

Green Energy: Corruption Abounds

Just a little reminder that when it comes to the vast fortunes that have been poured down the drain of Obama’s shockingly corrupt green energy boondoggles, Solyndra is only the tip of the iceberg:

If we still had rule of law in this country, racketeering laws would be applied.

On a tip from Ghost of FA Hayek.

7 Responses to “Green Energy: Corruption Abounds”

  1. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    If some of the nearly 1 trillion dollar “stimulus” money had been spent on infrastructure ie: New York power grid, flood abatement safeguards etc. it may have mitigated some of the destruction and agony that New Yorkers and New Jerseyians are now experiencing.

    Instead, it was spent on programs that yielded nominal results or jobs.

    Add to the “green” energy fiascoes and this administration has effectively flushed all that money down………….

    The Green Toilet

  2. Rotohammer says:

    It was never about saving the planet. It was about rewarding his friends. I’d call it crony capitalism, except there wasn’t even enough commerce to keep these things afloat.

  3. Hedgehog says:

    The damage that this Regime has intentionally caused domestically, coupled with their disastrous foreign policies, is treasonous. Vote accordingly. Then don’t ever forget what they have done. And demand justice.

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Even if you don’t read the article, the picture at the top is worth a million words (or in this case, solar companies)

  5. TED says:

    Obama is always an example of Garbage in – Garbage out!

    Obama’s Energy Company’s

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