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Feb 12 2019

Green New Deal Would Cause Mass Starvation

The Democrats’ Green New Deal is not just bad policy. It is lunatic social engineering on a scale not attempted since Pol Pot killed a quarter of the Cambodian population. If it is implemented, Americans would not be so lucky as to have 75% of the population survive. Deliberately collapsing the economy as a pointless gesture on behalf of the planet would result in mass starvation. Fortunately, a few people understand this — including a former president of Greenpeace:

The “Green New Deal” proposed by congressional Democrats is a “recipe for mass suicide” and the “most ridiculous scenario I ever heard,” Greenpeace Co-Founder Patrick Moore (shown) warned in an exclusive interview with The New American. In fact, Dr. Moore warned that if the “completely preposterous” prescriptions in the scheme were actually implemented, Americans could be forced to turn to cannibalism to avoid starvation — and they still would not survive.

Moore notes that without fossil fuels, food could not be delivered into cities. The situation would quickly resemble a zombie apocalypse.

The trees and animals so ostentatiously beloved by environmentalists would not fare well either:

“[I]f you eliminated fossil fuels, every tree in the world would be cut for fuel. There is no other source for heating and cooking once you eliminate fossil fuels. You could use animal dung, if there were any animals left, but the animals would all die too because they would all get eaten.”

That’s what happened to pets and zoo animals when socialists destroyed the economy of Venezuela.

Moore could not help but notice that the global warming dogma Democrats use to justify the Green New Deal is fraudulent:

Moore also explained that so much of what climate alarmists were pushing was pseudo-science and easily discredited lies. For instance, carbon dioxide is actually doing great things in terms of greening the planet — after all, it is plant food, Moore said. He also lambasted those who say coral reefs are dying due to alleged man-made global warming, something he said was not true.

Unsurprisingly, this thought criminal is not with Greenpeace anymore. He left when the organization began “characterizing people as the enemies of the Earth — the human species as the enemies of nature, as if we were the only evil species.”

The Democrat Party has become suffused with this same radical ideology.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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