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Jan 16 2020

Greg Gutfeld Didn’t Lose It, but Democrats Will

Despite all the pomp and a circumstance, Greg Gutfeld was not impressed by Democrats’ impeachment spectacle. According to Mediaite, he lost it over the tasteless farce. They quote him (italics in original):

That was a frickin’ ceremony! You have ceremonies to award medals. You have ceremonies at weddings and funerals. This was like a baptism of the Addams Family!

Did you notice they had a silver platter for the pens! Everybody got a special party favor — a little pen to take home! We are paying for those frickin’ pens and for that platter! And then you see the media taking pictures of the pens. Ooh look how special the pens are!

The pens were special, all right. They looked just like sniper rounds, very fitting for their intended purpose.

They were spackling a turd with gold paint, right? And we’re all suckers! We’re all suckers for believing this is serious.

What is serious is the damage reprobates like Pelosi are doing to our system of government and to the cohesion of the nation.

Gutfeld offers four takeaways from the farce: (1) the media controls the narrative; (2) the Democrat Party/media have been working on this for 3 years. As for (3) and (4):

Number three, they don’t hate Trump. They hate you. He’s a proxy for you ’cause you voted for him. They think you’re a bunch of rubes ’cause you didn’t listen to the media. This is their revenge.

And last but not least, you gotta store all that anger. And when this is over and when they lose — ’cause they will — you gotta rub their noses in their loss ’til the day they retire!

What we really need to do is make sure they retire shortly after the November elections. For Democrats who participated in this travesty to be rewarded with reelection anywhere but in dysfunctional districts that are succumbing to the Democrat Death Spiral is unthinkable.

The only Democrat to vote against transmitting the impeachment articles was Collin Peterson (D-MN). All the others are complicit in this disgraceful attack on our democrat republic. All Republicans voted against.

On a tip from Frances J.

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