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Sep 24 2019

Greta Thunberg Gives Trump the Evil Eye

The Greta Thunberg spectacle has escalated from mildly creepy to horror movie material. Watch her give Trump the evil eye:

They sure have taught her how to hate. But then, no one who works in theater likes being upstaged.

They also taught her how to spew hysterical demagoguery:

The radical leftists who are using her as a ramrod to force the global warming hoax down people’s throats ought to face child abuse charges for what they are doing to this autistic little girl.

What they are trying to do to society in general is more shameful still. Having lost the argument when it comes to scientific data, Greta’s puppeteers now advance their hoax with shameless emotional manipulation. The suffering they would inflict under the absurd pretense that there is something wrong with the climate and they can fix it through authoritarianism is unimaginable.

Many millions will die ugly deaths if the lights go out on behalf of the polar bears. Stalin was a Boy Scout compared to this crowd.

On tips from Kate P.

4 Responses to “Greta Thunberg Gives Trump the Evil Eye”

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