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Apr 19 2020

Gretchen Whitmer Calls Abortion “Life-Sustaining”

It is a mystery why the subjects of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s coronavirus-enabled dictatorship are only allowed to visit their own second homes if they are from out of state, why sailing is allowed but not motorboating, why they are permitted to purchase lottery tickets but not seeds for their vegetable gardens, et cetera. At least we know why they can get abortions but not hip replacements. It’s because killing your baby is “life-sustaining.” Gauleiter Gretchen explains:

“We stopped elective surgeries here in Michigan,” the governor said. “Some people have tried to say that that type of a procedure is considered the same [as abortion] and that’s ridiculous.”

“A woman’s health care, her whole future, her ability to decide if and when she starts a family is not an election, it is a fundamental to her life,” she continued. “It is life-sustaining and it is something that government should not be getting in the middle of.”

You might say that whether he or she is able to make it out of the womb alive is fundamental to the life of a child. But prenatal children are not a protected identity group per liberal ideology.

You know something must be truly depraved if liberals do not want Big Government to smother it in regulation.

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