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Apr 26 2016

Grown Adults Succumb to Trumpomania, Chase After the Donald’s Caravan

Why do they call Trump supporters a cult? They didn’t call teenage Beatles fans a cult, did they? As you can see from this scene in Rhode Island, the behavior is about the same:

Rumors could not be confirmed that the stampede started when the Donald tossed a lock of his canary-yellow hair out the window of his limousine.

Here is what makes these lemmings and their leader all the more guffaw-worthy:

The video was posted on Twitter by Trump’s director of social media, Dan Scavino, presumably as something you are supposed to consider great or good or cool instead of sad and weird and pathetic.

Not to be outdone, Trump blog Gateway Pundit was enamored of the video and proudly proclaimed: “When was the last time you saw HUNDREDS OF MIDDLE AGED PEOPLE Chase down a candidate’s caravan?”

Uh. I don’t know. When was the last time “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” was on?

Branch Trumpidian Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit has repeatedly denounced the Cult of Obama (see here, here, and here)…

But this is different though you guys. Because reasons.

On a tip from Torcer.

142 Responses to “Grown Adults Succumb to Trumpomania, Chase After the Donald’s Caravan”

  1. Krummholzt says:

    Donald Trump, with huge victories tonight, is coasting to 1237, and will be the GOP nominee. It is time to close ranks behind our candidate.

  2. Tom says:

    What is it that irks you more? Is it that, gosh darn it, people are just NOT LISTENING to your “stop Trump!” messages – as evidenced by Trump’s thrashings of Cruz and Kasich in 5 more states – or is it that bit of melancholy, knowing that nobody, nowhere,at any time, is enthusiastically running, en masse, to greet Cruz?

    I mean…who could guess that insulting and demeaning Trump and potential Trump voters (just like the Democrats do!) could possibly lead to feelings of “Screw you and the entire GOP establishment for attempting to stifle MY CHOICE for the nomination!”

    I mean, seriously…why’re you fighting so hard against the man whom Republican voters – by overwhelming numbers – want as the nominee?

  3. Skip says:

    The Donald does upset Dave Blount and this ‘Torcer’ person doesn’t he? Good job Mr. Trump. A good day for us ‘Trumpsters’!

  4. mauser 98 says:

    Trump sweeps North East

  5. sojourner says:

    trump wins! you lose lose lose lose lose!

  6. mauser 98 says:

    it’s over Ted

  7. CTsOpinion says:

    Because you have to be the dumbest dumb f#cks that have ever voted.

  8. CTsOpinion says:

    Not in the this lifetime.

  9. CTsOpinion says:


  10. ramrodd says:

    The media is assisting in this effort by portraying everything the right
    stands for as being rigid and absolute. The GOP absolutely refuses to
    accept exemptions for abortion because of their strict, moral
    obligation to defend the rights of unborn children. Donald Trump, on the
    other hand, is portraying himself as having superior virtue because he can
    evolve past the strict, rigid absolute and show compassion towards those who
    could be presented as being in need of an abortion. This is social change in
    action, folks, and it is likely why Donald Trump has hundreds of thousands of
    Democrats lining up to vote for him. Voting for Donald Trump is like voting for
    a liberal; before it is all over this author is betting he will lighten up
    drastically with his positions on immigration.

  11. Tadpole says:

    They have caught the elitist oikophobia, and despise the filthy unwashed masses of their own countrymen and women, exactly like the Left does. What a revelation!

  12. Dolan Tump says:

    President Clinton

  13. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Yes. We all lose. Even you.

  14. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Just pretend he’s Romney. That worked last time, right?

  15. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Celebrity politics. If only we could stop worshiping “heroes” and realize that all political candidates are only human, frail and imperfect…

  16. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    But on a more positive note, researchers have discovered that there is a literal spark of light when a sperm meets an egg.

  17. sandyaz says:

    Marathons are strategically long games. Trump is trying to take a victory dance at mile post 18 of the Boston Marathon. Still more to come. Those who get cocky, lose.

  18. Krummholzt says:

    Well then, perhaps you guys can start your own party. Maybe call it the “Jesus Party”.

  19. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    That already exists. We have an extensive membership roster, and best of all, we don’t even have to register with your government.

  20. Mr. Freemarket says:

    People running, en masse, after a candidate indicates their level of intellectual curiosity. They don’t care that Trump contradicts himself. They don’t care if half of Trump’s positions are identical to those on the far left. They don’t care if Trump has almost no knowledge of the US constitution. They don’t care if Trump constantly shoots from the hip. And they don’t care if anyone else doesn’t like him.

    They are in love.

  21. Alphamail says:

    This should confuse secularists whose theories have neither heat nor light.

  22. Alphamail says:

    By saying it, you realize it…..they can’t say what you just said.

  23. Alphamail says:

    IMHO – You need to seriously consider HOW you write. Your writings come across as progressive, or at the very least, confusing. You and I may have agreed all this time for nothing. Your comment above is very confusing until the end – please sit back and think about how people might misconstrue what you are saying….If you have to, preface your point before you detail it – I certainly don’t want to argue with someone with whom I agree. If we actually have agreed all this time I will apologize. If I am correct and we are on the same side then we might dissect your above comment to preclude further confusion. If you are the jerk from before, then fuck you…just humor.

  24. ramrodd says:

    these are not my words….the writers – i only agree…(article posted)

    i agree with Ann Barnhardt concerning whats goin down in my USA:

    The fact that a given person is holding or seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office.

    The Barnhardt Axiom.


    Remember, the only thing that actually WANTS to be in a cesspit is a PIECE OF CRAP.

  25. Stosh says:

    Another northeast liberal “Republican” businessman, that can’t win his home state in the general election or any state in the liberal northeast….it’s the perfect plan if you’re pulling for Killary

  26. Alphamail says:

    If it was unexpected then you might lubricate yourselves with friction, but alas fellas’ this was expected in the liberal states. This is like congratulating a base hit in the fifth inning in a close game, rather than a home run in the bottom of the ninth. We’re now in the 7th inning stretch – give your ego a beer break.

  27. Alphamail says:

    The Jesus Party held a Constitutional Convention and wrote a pretty sweet document which gives you the inalienable right to hate the Jesus Party. I’m OK with that, but your progressive religion won’t let me criticize you? Of course it’s not a double-standard to you – it’s happy-go-lucky business as usual.

  28. Marthajmintz2 says:

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  29. Alphamail says:

    You’re back to what you feel – not what is real.
    Trump was expected to win in the liberal states (because he is a liberal), and that’s what it is. Fine – I’ll vote for him if he is the nominee. But AGAIN, people like you, who seriously NEED to BASH people to assuage your starving ego, simply fabricate falsehoods – like painting a cheesy classless picture of people who don’t like Trump.
    Fuck their right to their opinion right, fuck their stupidity for not agreeing with you right (“MY CHOICE”), and fuck them for participating in the electoral process right?. Overwhelming numbers? Psychotic wishful thinking at best. Whether Cruz wins or not he got 500,600 votes in tiny Wisconsin, while Trump got 500,500 votes in YUGE New York. And Cruz got FAR less proportionate delegates-to-votes than Trump, just like Cruz did in Colorado. Did you hear Cruz bitch like the adolescent Trump and call the system crooked – NO…! Trump is a crybaby and a liberal and America loses.

  30. Alphamail says:

    AGAIN…what you just said is confusing. The only sensible and pertinent sentence is the last one. If I read you right however, the Barnhardt Axiom sounds great BUT is insane – there are hundreds of thousands of honest, dedicated, heartfelt patriots working daily to improve the system, and multiple millions in the background hoping to vote to make it better. For anyone to say that America no longer exists is either naïve, stupid, thankless, clinically negative or depressed, or has never put any equity into the home called liberty. This form of individual expression – total freedom – is only a couple hundred years old, and was never seen or believed by the earth’s inhabitants before it happened. And it cost millions upon millions of lives to come to fruition. And it was born here in America by men who announced it was not man-dictated, but God-ordained! For anyone to disagree or give up on it without a fight, or to profess it is over – without offering their life to preserve the very principle that allows them to now disagree without being shot, should themselves be denounced.
    Look around you – you can say anything, do anything, go anywhere, own what you want, and believe whatever you wish (as long as liberals don’t gain power) – but if you give up, and don’t fight with your very life, then your offspring and your offspring’s offspring may be treated as Taliban child-brides or simple oxen.
    The only reason that what you see that you don’t like is still progressing, is because you’ve refused to fight back

  31. Tom says:

    Translation: “I got nuthin’…Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is enthusiastic about fading-fast Cruz but he DID win “tiny” Wisconsin! I will call you a liar and psychotic but …this fellow Tom seems to be on to my naked-little-girls-showering-in-public-restrooms obsession, so maybe I won’t bring them up right now.”

  32. Beckwith says:

    I wonder if Blount has selected the institution he’ll check into when Trump is declared the nominee?

    Who will operate “Moonbattery” while he’s in rehab?

  33. Pedro says:

    Donald J. Trump
    949 Delegates.
    Stepping aside is an option for you.
    perhaps you would rather leg hump
    luzer Romney again?

  34. OldSailor says:

    “If it’s rigged … would you be winning?”
    Exactly. Good one Ted.

  35. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Well, IT AIN’T 1860! Bye-bye Teddy.

  36. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Not according to the newer polls.

  37. Ed. G. Mann says:

    But you do have to bake a whole lot of cakes…

  38. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Not this time.

  39. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Saw that. Electrical energy most likely since all bodies are slightly charged. If you want to see a real burst of light, one of God’s creations, watch a meteor strike Earth. Just don’t be under it. Now that is a blinding light and a hell of a lot of heat.

  40. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    On that subject, I always find it amusing that gays insist that Christians want them all dead, but then force Christian bakers to make them a cake that is typically almond-flavored.

    Just sayin’.

  41. Dolan Tump says:

    April 25 : General Election: Trump vs. Clinton USA Today/Suffolk Clinton +11

  42. Ed. G. Mann says:

    From USA Today, I would expect that. They probably took the poll in the newsroom. As I said elsewhere, check the crosstabs to see the demos.

  43. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Right. Every cake made was made OK, not made poorly with the excuse that we’re not good bakers.
    Almond flavor indeed, you don’t have the nerve.

    While you’re at it, why don’t you go into a Muslim bakery and demand they make a gay cake. Then sue them. The Left would give you martyrdom.

  44. Dolan Tump says:

    I can’t find a single poll showing Trump beating Hillary. This is the closest.

    April 25: General Election: Trump vs. Clinton GWU/Battleground Clinton +3

    General Election: Trump vs. Clinton NBC News/Wall St. Journal Clinton +11

    General Election: Cruz vs. Clinton NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl, Clinton +2

    Pennsylvania: Trump vs. Clinton NBC/WSJ/Marist Clinton +15

    New Hampshire: Trump vs. Clinton WMUR/UNH Clinton +19

    Maryland: Trump vs. Clinton PPP Clinton +33

  45. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    What I’m “just sayin'” is that you can’t claim that someone would kill you if he got a chance, and then promptly behave as if you’re sure he won’t try. It’s fake victimhood, is what it is. Histrionics, and I’ve got no time nor patience for that.

  46. Pedro says:

    Trump passes Romney’s popular vote total, likely to break GOP record. Get Over It!!

  47. ramrodd says:

    “the axiom sounds great but is insane”
    please make up your mind!! but no….you still play the lib vs. conservative lie and name call..

    you sound like a sellout Oreilly when you spout all this
    (i am free – just look at me)

    who has given up! i come under attack from both sides by saying these things! I put myself in the fight by taking on both the left and the phony right!

    you continue your us vs. them lie…………
    both parties have been compromised, the country has been destroyed by decades of open borders and so called free trade..


  48. Alphamail says:

    An unnecessary taunt, aimed curiously at people who mostly say they will vote for the same guy you will, says a lot about a person’s character.
    As far as the bathroom bill is concerned, you are still missing the point. Bathroom stalls are the least of the problem – these bills often cover women’s showers, girl’s dressing rooms, and large women’s bathrooms. A transgendered person probably has enough troubling mental issues to take time to molest kids, but the point is that every deviate in the world who didn’t have access to little kids before, now has carte blanche to enter women’s facilities simply by self-identifying as an alternate sex. Quick frankly, the evolution of any progressive thought (wonder why it’s called “progressive?”) starts with a questionable moral issue then in a series of steps, metastasizes like a cancer into a result no one expected or wanted, except the progs who designed it that way in the first place.
    For instance, gays said they just wanted to be treated fairly (which in my opinion they always have been). Then they wanted “equal rights.” Then they only wanted civil unions. Then they demanded to be married – now they are demanding WHO must marry them. Further, now you MUST bake them a wedding cake (or if you don’t bake it you MUST decorate it) or you face the loss of your home and property, your business, and all your financial resources including savings; and you face hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits and fines, and the state can order you to go to “re-education” classes – IMHO, soon to be “camps.” This is all because they wanted to be “treated fairly.”
    This is how progressives do it, and for someone not to see this as the initial step in an insidious process, is to be blind. Obama is already trying to apply this bathroom policy in K-12, and several groups like NAMBLA (who get pro bono legal representation from the ACLU) are pushing for laws to legalize pedophilia. To think this is not a strategy as part of a larger goal is to be dangerously naïve.

  49. Johnny Monday says:

    If Drumpf wins the entire nation loses. Same with Hillary or Sanders. We’re heading into very dark days.

  50. Wilberforce says:

    +1000. Mighty well-stated.

  51. Johnny Monday says:

    No. I will not close ranks behind Drumpf.

  52. Ed. G. Mann says:

    BS! If someone says they’d kill you, you don’t know if someone would or not. The business I was in I believed them; two of them tried.

    As for the histrionics, that’s all Ive seen on this site about Trump’s going to do this or that from the moment he started winning.

    Vitriol, pure and simple is pouring forth from most of the comments; it’s a wonder they haven’t set their hair on fire. Name calling, terminal drooling, frothing at the mouth and bleeding eyes seems to be common.

    Trump is going to have to change the tax code, eliminate some of those ‘social goodies’ and stop the spending on much of the programs that ‘we’ like. The national debt is no different from getting fat from overeating. There is pain in weight loss from the diet and the exercise. Without it, no gain; it’s a shared experience.

    The Country wants a conservatism, but it’s a fiscal conservatism. Otherwise they don’t want to be told what to do. That cuts both ways from cake baking to abortions. Just stay out of others lives; live your own as best one can.

  53. Krummholzt says:

    Then you are helping to elect Hillary.

  54. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    “BS! If someone says they’d kill you, you don’t know if someone would or not.”

    And if you say someone will kill you, I know you don’t believe it when you promptly put your life in their hands. Talk, talk, talk.

    “As for the histrionics, that’s all Ive seen on this site about Trump’s
    going to do this or that from the moment he started winning.”

    Well, clearly, if some people here are hyperventilating about something unrelated, that proves that other people aren’t. Clearly.

    “Otherwise they don’t want to be told what to do.”

    Nobody wants to be told what to do. In other news, water is wet.

    “That cuts both ways from cake baking”

    I’m glad you agree that Christians shouldn’t be forced to participate in acts we deem immoral.

    “to abortions.”

    That sounds great, right up until someone is killed–and in a successful abortion, someone always dies. Deny it if you like, but I hope you’ll do it in the privacy of your own home because you’re not supposed to let your beliefs inform your politics, dude.

    “Just stay out of others lives; live your own as best one can.”
    I thought we weren’t supposed to tell each other what to do. Or does that only apply to people like me, who should be placed under house arrest for being dirty Christians?

  55. Alphamail says:

    I’ll try it one more time.
    You try to make two points:
    1) “The fact that a given person is holding or seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office.”
    You have to be absolutely deranged to say or believe this. This is Marx, Lenin, and Stalin all rolled into one – this is THEIR argument! IOW, they (You?) know best, and anyone challenging their authority by seeking office and offering a different opinion is UNFIT. Since everyone is unfit, there is no reason for anyone to run for office. No one runs for office so there is NO public office, and the power resides ultimately and always at the top.
    This thought could very well explain why Bowe Bergdahl deserted. This is the wholesale debasement of all America stands for…If any great leader, or a majority of people, ever truly believed this then we would no longer exist. It’s this kind of negativity and doomsday attitude that has no place in America.
    Why don’t you go to Damascus or Tehran and tell them we surrender. Before you do however, go to that grade school a few blocks from your home and tell the kids what a shitty country this really is. Tell them the politicians are all criminals and let them know that because of that, growing up in America is now going to be really awful, and the flag and the pledge of allegiance are just made-up mean bad jokes by crooked politicians. Go ahead – go give those young minds some hope.

  56. ramrodd says:

    to me you are a waste of time..

    take your trash to Ann Barnhardt…
    i doubt you have the guts

  57. Jack says:

    David, your TDS is showing again.

  58. DrMicahStone says:

    Gateway Pundit = TrumpBOT / TrumpCULT HQ
    As removed from REALITY as any d-cRAT !
    Every Trump-thrown insult gets a headline story – and there are LOTS of headline stories !

  59. Alphamail says:

    Aren’t you being a little tough on Mr. Mann? Histrionics – what histrionics?……….OK…h-m-m, maybe just a WEE bit in his barf-able third paragraph. Vitriol………………….wow

  60. Alphamail says:

    About as easy to figure out as a 3-piece puzzle, huh? Thnx

  61. Alphamail says:

    Why should I take it to Ann – it’s you who’s giving her opinion any gravitas. You conveniently ignore or can’t see that her quote is Marxist-Lenin type bullshit. And your giving up on America without holding out any hope is pathetic – do you ever finish a project at home or do you give up on them also, when they present too great a challenge?
    And you are just like a couple trolls here who put words into someone else’s mouth simply for the argument. Who said I disagree with any of America’s problems that you stated – open borders, jobs, debt – where exactly did I disagree with you?
    Last, I said before, your comments are not well organized and are EXTREMELY difficult to accurately assess, or figure what position you are taking. And last, if you have to go to the Oxford dictionary to define terrorism then you aren’t up on current events. One person with a biological or radioactive dirty bomb he made himself, who sets it off in a big city in the name of Allah is not a terrorist?

  62. ramrodd says:

    youre closer to marxism in your support of open borders/CFR politicians…..

    but i knew that you were too cowardly to challenge her!!
    grow a pair…..

    The USA no longer exists as it was because of the open borders, job shipping politicians you support and NEVER again will be close!


    btw…are you a Mark Levin fan too….lol

  63. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Well, I do like to stick it to the Mann.

  64. Alphamail says:

    I hit the thumbs up about fifty times but only one appears

  65. Alphamail says:

    It’s official now – you are even more ignorant than ray-the-troll and that is difficult…congratulations. I just said you falsely attribute any idea you decide to pin on someone, and voila, within minutes you prove I am a genius when it comes to discerning half-witted straw-man behavior – outsourcing jobs, open borders, debt? Better be careful – you fulfilling my predictions about you is making me look really good.

  66. Ed. G. Mann says:

    The French have a work for you: Vache. Moo!

  67. Ed. G. Mann says:

    “to abortions.”
    Is it possible that you can keep your business out of other peoples lives? That you can live your life so that your application for Sainthood will be approved?

    Do you not have enough going on in your life that would keep you tending to the needy, the downtrodden, the sinner, the diseased, the democrats, moderates, smokers, drinkers, fornicators and other that speak ill of others? One would think that all those sinners would keep you actively involved in saving the human race.

    Mother Theresa died, the position is open. And you’re piddling around in minor stuff.

  68. ramrodd says:

    People like you are the reason the US was destroyed!!
    YOU are a legend in your own mind!!!!!!!!

    Willing Demons:

    The US is no longer a Republic, it is a system of terror that knows our every move…Enemies of the people are encouraged to roam free among us…

    There is not a single representative, senator, president or supreme court justice in office today who has not committed treason, not one..

    There is no reason, beyond societal suicide, to vote for anyone seeking office..

    It is a vote to destroy yourself; to forfeit your wealth; to eliminate your job; to incurthe wrath of a jealous and vengeful government; because a government unloosed from those noble principles upon which this nation was founded can become nothing more than an evil among us and those seeking office its willing demons….


  69. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    “Is it possible that you can keep your business out of other peoples lives?”

    No, I’m afraid that systematic mass murder isn’t something I can sit by and ignore. If everyone did that, why, imagine how many more Jews would have been murdered during World War II!

    “Do you not have enough going on in your life that would keep you tending to the needy, the downtrodden…”

    Some have a calling to champion those who can’t speak for themselves. I’m not sure there’s a calling to be a smug, sanctimonious asshole who lives only for himself and annoys other people who are trying to make the world better, so you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t imitate you.

    “Mother Theresa died, the position is open. And you’re piddling around in minor stuff.”

    First you want to silence all religious people, and then you call the murder of other human beings “minor stuff”. Wow, you’re really convincing me you know how to improve the lives of others.

    I’ve got an idea! How about you lead by example, and stop telling other people how to live their lives? That’ll be a win-win for all of us!

  70. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    @StotheOB was right when he said you can’t stay on topic.

  71. 762x51 says:

    You should be in one now since you support abortion, gun control, gay marriage, transgender bathroom usage, higher taxes, bigger government, nationalizing and bailing out the banks, government run single payer healthcare and pen and phone tyranny. Those are your candidates positions, therefore they are your positions. You are an evil man.

  72. 762x51 says:

    Then by your own argument, you should not vote in November. One less vote for tRump, next?

  73. Alphamail says:

    I admit America has some problems which will be a distinct challenge to reverse and the question is “can we do it?” but a bigger question is, how did a loony basket case like you make it this far in life without getting run over by a truck while you were in the middle of the street licking yourself?

  74. 762x51 says:

    He doesn’t, it’s all BS. tRumps negatives are much higher than Hitlery. Think about that a minute. How big an asshole does one have to be in order to be less likable than Hillary Clinton?

  75. 762x51 says:

    Of course tRump sweeps NE. They are a bunch of Progressive fucktards in those states, that’s his base. I don’t want anyone from the NE or who is popular in the NE for President, EVER!!

  76. ramrodd says:

    argument from christianmerc..but many know that truth

    Elections. For the love of God, if you don’t hear anything else I say for the rest of the evening, listen to this.

    Elections are no longer free. They are staged theater, designed to maintain the illusion of representative governance and to enrich the political class.
    This is despotism. If after this mess that we just went through, if you do not understand this, you are beyond hope. My God.

    And then you have election fraud on top of it. Here in Colorado ten counties had voter turnout in excess of the total adult population of the [county]. Not just the registered voters – the total adult population of the county, excuse me, the county. And what did Romney do? Roll over. How can you not see this? How can you not understand? Do not talk to me anymore about elections. There are no elections. There are no more free elections. Just stand over that dead horse and beat it – it is never going to get up. For the love of God.

    I’m sorry, but there comes a certain point where you have got to pull your head out of your ass and deal with reality. You cannot just keep going on with this over and over and over again, saying, “Well if I just give somebody some money and I put some signs in my yard I’m doing enough…”

    No, you’re not doing enough. You’re not doing enough at all. Not even close. In fact, if you’re participating in this, you’re part of the problem.”

  77. 762x51 says:

    Everyone who is surprised that the Progressive tRump won in the Progressive northeast raise your hand.

    Isn’t that the point we have been trying to make all these months? Democrats and big city / NE Progressives are his base, THAT”S WHY WE DON”T WANT HIM AS OUR CANDIDATE, right?

    I tell ya Alpha, these imbeciles are impossible to reach.

  78. ramrodd says:

    you are getting your arrogant clock cleaned with truth – disgusting scum as you ALWAYS revert to personal attacks
    because its what YOU are!

  79. mauser 98 says:

    South West?……bets?

  80. 762x51 says:

    You mean in ANOTHER bastion of Progressive fascists? DUH?!? The problem isn’t geography or hair color or bad breath, the problem is the Progressive fucktards who support tRump! tRump is a fucking Progressive, get it? By supporting him, you are supporting the same bullshit ideology Obama has inflicted on America for the last eight years!

    Shallow learning cure you have there.

  81. mauser 98 says:

    you typed…. “”Of course tRump sweeps NE””””
    mmmm… OK …South East , North West?…..bets?

  82. 762x51 says:

    Hmmm, let’s see, Seattle, Portland, yep, still stinks like Progressive. Are you beginning to see the pattern?

    Democrats and Progressives are tRumps base. By supporting him, you, by definition, agree with them and his positions on policy issues. You are in favor of abortion, including partial birth abortion, you support, gun control, bigger government, eminent domain, government run healthcare, gay marriage, transgendered bathrooms, higher taxes, amnesty and bank bailouts. Those are the things you are now on record as being on favor of having in America. You own it.

  83. 762x51 says:

    South east not so much.

  84. mauser 98 says:

    OK …Mid West …my final offer …bets?

  85. S_O_T_A says:

    Short maths lesson follows:

    Until he gets there, IF he gets there, you might want to reserve your victory dance.

  86. S_O_T_A says:

    Quite. I must’ve missed the news that Trump had made 1237. I would love it if he made 1236 and lost at the convention.

  87. S_O_T_A says:

    I helped you out there.

  88. 762x51 says:

    Try to grasp this, the big cities now control the states. Midwest? How about IL? It is run by Chicago and Chiraq is run by Progressives. Indiana, we will see about, Iowa has already spoken for Cruz. and so on. ANYWHERE there is a major population center it is run by Progressives. IL hasn’t been won by the Republican Party in a Presidential election since 1984 and tRump can’t deliver it this year either.

    None of that however means anything in the general election which would be a contest between two NY Progressives, Clinton and tRump. They will be splitting their Progressive allies votes so his popularity means far less than it does today. What you seem unable to comprehend is that you have a plurality candidate who has garnered around 30 – 35% of GOP votes. He cannot win with that number in a general election with requires a majority candidate, not a plurality candidate.

    tRump will win a few more states and so will Cruz in the primaries. The object of the exercise is to win the general election, not lose it and whine because you think it’s rigged. tRump can’t carry the big population centers in a general election and rural voters won’t vote for him.

    Clinton got TEN TIMES as many votes in NY as tRump, in a general election that is called a loss.

  89. Alphamail says:

    Face it, my ad hominem are a quantum leap above yours
    And, your truth is what clear-thinking people call fiction.
    I must say, you’ve managed to turn hating America into an art – are you sure you aren’t with Black Lives Matter or Occupy Anything Anywhere? In your view not only is every person who contemplates how to get America back on track “disgusting scum,” everyone else is disgusting scum as well. Can you help me out with a couple of names who aren’t disgusting scum besides yourself?
    Since America is so f*cking pathetic, why don’t you go someplace better than this rotten pig sty? Take a candle to Venezuela – where you’ll need it. Paint yourself “blackface” and move to South Africa so you’ll have a chance at survival. Move to Europe and watch countries with less liberty than the U.S. ACTUALLY disintegrate. Go to Asia and spout this crap and then TRY to get back. The only place they will accept your anti-American bullshit is Iran – they will accept your ideology with open arms… I suggest you take a jar of Vaseline with you.

  90. Alphamail says:

    Thanks…a living example of synergism – I couldn’t have made it two by myself…..

  91. ramrodd says:

    truth brought to us via Christian Mercenary, Anne Barnhardt etc etc

    only a leftist attacks personally and substitutes the people for pointing out government corruption!

    my viewpoint when i use the word disgusting scum applies only to you and a few of your ilke in here.

    you commies/indoctrinated always go back to love it or leave it – you hate being called out as a phony conservative who loves open borders/CFR sellout politicians…

    you hate the fact the someone calls out a corrupted election system…you hate any type of corrections to your murdered USA….because you assisted in that murder.

    i served this country 3 years during Vietnam – WHERE WERE YOU!

    “You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.”—George Orwell, 1984

    Express yourself on social media: The FBI, CIA, NSA and
    other government agencies are investing in and relying on corporate surveillance technologies that can mine constitutionally protected speech on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to identify potential extremists and predict who might engage in future acts of anti-government behavior.

    In past ages, those who dared to speak out against tyranny—viewed as an act of treason—were blinded, castrated, disfigured, mutilated, rendered mute by
    having their tongues cut out of their heads, and ultimately crucified.

    In the American police state, the price to be paid for speaking truth to power (also increasingly viewed as an act of treason) is surveillance, censorship, jail and ultimately death.

    It’s a diabolically ingenious tactic for muzzling, disarming and ultimately eliminating one’s critics or potential adversaries.

    However, where many Americans go wrong is in assuming that you have to be doing something illegal or challenging the government’s authority in order to be
    flagged as a suspicious character, labeled an enemy of the state and locked up like a dangerous criminal.

    Use harmless trigger words like cloud, pork and pirates:
    Speak truth to power: Attend a political rally: Serve
    in the military: Disagree with a law enforcement official: Appear to be pro-gun, pro-freedom or anti-government: Drive a car:

  92. Alphamail says:

    So we’re finally getting down to the heart of the problem. You served three years in Nam and you’re bitter that America let you down. FIRST AND FOREMOST, I love you for your service and for having to take the bullshit of people like John Kerry and Jane Fonda, et al. I probably have as many brothers on the wall as you do. The response from America at that time has always hurt me. God bless you.
    I do hope you know America WON the Vietnam War. I am older than you and I might even know you from the military, depending on with which unit you served. A quick read of North Vietnam generals’ autobiographies shows they were ready to surrender after the Tet, but hesitated due to the anti-war demonstrations in America’s streets. If you want to blame anyone for America’s disgusting response to returning veterans, and the heretical claim that we lost the war, blame the democrats, and blame the people who demonstrated, who now advise Obama – like Bill Ayers and the people of the sixties with whom he surrounds himself. If anyone is treasonous, it is the current president of the United States.
    You might consider the fact you went to war for the greatest nation on earth and we won, and your service is now embedded in the fabric of America as much as any cross at Arlington, and the nation you are now living in is still that great nation you fought for – you should be proud. You are correct, there are a GREAT many flaws, but I truly believe they can be fixed, and if you believe in the Constitution as you say you do, then you need to reconsider what the founding fathers said – our rights are God-given. If that is so, then I ask you to please not give up on our wonderful nation and way of life, and the document that expresses what is basically God’s will.
    I will not rag you anymore. Be satisfied in the fact I actually agreed with almost everything you said. God bless you and goodbye.

  93. akulkis says:

    Shut up, you traitorous Cuckservative sellout.

  94. Ericakmason4 says:

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  95. mauser 98 says:

    30 – 35% of GOP vote ? ….. 60% in NY
    …yes Dems outnumber GOP in NY 2 to 1

    Cruz has less women voters than Donald
    Trump has millions more voters now

    how will Cruz change that / pass him now?
    ………………….Hill will go full tilt Birther on Cruz…he cannot win.
    Barry is black.. Cruz will not get away with it

  96. mauser 98 says:

    Trump will hire Monica Lewinsky , Paula Jones ,
    Juanita Broaddrick etc for election ads
    Cruz will not , will never do it

    Trump will destroy Hillary

  97. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Those that “have a calling to champion others”… are called Progressives and have done much damage.

    I don’t care whether it’s handling snakes, thumping bibles, writhing around on tent floors or quietly sitting in some church pew, do it to your heart’s content. Nut you don’t have the right to inflict those beliefs on others regardless of whether you believe them just and good.

    Roe was a horrible law. The reason is that it was brought about by SCOTUS, not Congress. Congress should have voted one way or the other; they were cowards.

    Now if Roe s over turned then the States can and will either make abortion unlawful or legal inside their borders and the Country will be back to where it was before Roe. Some states might ban abortions. Maybe you will live in one that does. What will you do then if you live in a state that bans the operation. Forbid them from crossing state lines to have the abortion? Jail someone who crosses state lines? Sounds like slavery,at least involuntary incarceration. Or force her to have the kid, put the baby in a foster home and send the mother to a reeducation camp of a strict regime. That might work, been tried before.

    None of this is going to happen for one simple reason. There are not enough Social Conservatives voting to effect the changes necessary to make this happen. Cruz is losing for this reason.

    The abortion pill makes the anti-abortion crowd crazy; it
    takes the whole argument out of the hands of everyone and places it
    where it belongs: With the individual. That genie is out of the bottle and isn’t going back.

    The Country doesn’t want more of Obama and it doesn’t want 180° turn around. Gray flannel suits, poodle skirts, penny loafer and panty girdles aren’t coming back. For the foolish, here are better controls: STD’s that kill.

  98. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    “I don’t care whether it’s handling snakes, thumping bibles, writhing
    around on tent floors or quietly sitting in some church pew, do it to
    your heart’s content.”

    Phrasing of contempt. Didn’t you claim earlier that it didn’t bother you? And yet here you are, using the most bigoted, stereotypical language. Further proof that you really, really just want people who disagree with you to not exist.

    Other than that, your comment is just a lot of self-righteous twaddle designed to make yourself feel better about drifting through life, never doing anything useful. It relieves you of the burden of being anything but cattle, standing idly in a field and chewing your cud.

    Again, why don’t you show us how this “not telling other people how to live their lives” thing works by giving us an example–namely, you not telling me what to do?

  99. Ed. G. Mann says:

    actually I don’t have to worry about it. Cruz isn’t going anywhere except back to Texas and Kasich back to eating pancakes. And there aren’t enough Social Conservatives to worry about making any change.

    However this election will cut into the Progressives with the Independents, Libertarians crossover Democrats and fiscal conservatives to insure Trump is the nominee and keep Hillary in Chappaqua or prison in November.

    Yo will have a choice in November. Vote for Trump, stay home and vote for Hillary or vote for Hillary. Have a day.

  100. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    “And there aren’t enough Social Conservatives to worry about making any change.”

    And yet here you are, bitching about how we interfere with other people’s lives and get all up in your business. Do we have the power to make changes or not? Make up what little of your mind there is!

  101. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Here’s the sharp stick. There’s your eye. Poke! The batch of you are as funny as people with terminal IBS. Lot la luck with life.

  102. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Are you autistic? I’m trying to figure out what your problem is. You’re either autistic or you have syphilis.

  103. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Aw, I’m sorry. My mother was right. It really isn’t nice to make fun of the mentally defective.

  104. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    No, it’s not. What came over me?

  105. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Here’s a method of preventing abortion. It does work every time.

  106. Tom says:

    Well, what does accusing folks who disagree with you of being pedophile perverts say about YOUR character, oh showerer with “imressive young girls”?
    I know you are exceedingly butt-hurt, what with Cruz sinking fast, but you really should get over it and Learn to EMBRACE THE DONALD!!!

  107. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Who are you to tell those Muslims what they ought to be doing with their lives, exactly?

  108. 762x51 says:

    There are other places then NY, that is where tRump only gets 35% of Republican votes. I know you don’t realize there are other parts of the country than that sewer in NY, but there are.

    So go ahead, push tRump, I won’t vote for him and neither will a lot of other people. So keep pushing him and in the end, you will have what you want, another Progressive in the White House.

    There is only place to stop Progressives, the battlefield, see you there.

  109. mauser 98 says:

    ….bla bla bla
    it’s Trump or Hill …simple as that

    unless the FBI steps in

  110. mauser 98 says:

    i like Cruz he would be a very good president

    numbers …. cannot win

  111. mauser 98 says:

    “Looking back, we had, in the person of Teddy Roosevelt,
    the finest President in the history of this country. He had the spirit
    and determination that matched the times and the land. Then the women
    got the vote, and everything went to hell. While our boys was overseas
    fighting the Kaiser, the women got Prohibition put in. Drinking and
    gambling and whoring were declared unlawful. All those things which come
    natural to men became crimes.”

    –The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean

  112. 762x51 says:

    Teddy Roosevelt was Progressive, You have to stop with the R & D thinking. Progressives exist in both parties, THEY are who is destroying America. Electing another Progressive, regardless of the party affiliation character next to their name is what will destroy us.

  113. 762x51 says:

    He beats Hillary in every poll except the NBC / NYT poll, go figure. tRump loses to Hillary in every poll.

    You just can’t grasp the difference betwen a plurality candidate and a majority candidate, can you?

  114. 762x51 says:

    So you will need to choose to vote for either the NY Progressive or the NY Progressive. Gee, tough choice, good luck with that.

  115. 762x51 says:

    You really should have taken the blue pill.

  116. mauser 98 says:

    William F. Buckley rule:

    “vote for the most electable conservative option against a Democrat in November.”

  117. mauser 98 says:

    You just can’t grasp the difference
    Trump will smash Hill…why?
    because he does not care
    he will say anything , throw everything at her ..worry about the rest later
    it will be dirty… get some popcorn

  118. mauser 98 says:

    Jeb ,Rubio , Kasich ? how would these be better?

  119. Tom says:

    “… these bills often cover women’s showers, girl’s dressing rooms, and large women’s bathrooms,

    Bullshit…please provide a link to the proposed legislation – from anywhere – that throws open the high-school girls’ locker rooms / showers to any and all.
    You’re just making up stuff now….

  120. Alphamail says:

    You will battle until you’re blue in the face to insure men can go into bathrooms and showers with little girls – as a vociferous crusader for this bathroom law it’s obvious if it was legal in your town, you would be the first one in the girl’s toilet.
    I said it before and I’ll say it again, you only deal in what you want, wish, or feel – you have no concept of common sense, basic moral standards, and in this case, just the simplicity of logic that says we protect our children at all costs.
    The state will arrest parents for letting their 10-year-old child walk to school by themselves, but will allow a strange man to go into a bathroom or shower with a 5-year-old. This is twisted, backwards, and perverse – but it’s what you support.
    And look up your own frickin’ links you lazy pervert, I ain’t your butler. Think about it (WHOA, that’s gonna’ be a challenge…!). On hundreds of beaches and thousands of public swimming pools, the showers ARE the bathroom. WOW, that one got past you didn’t it speedo? (The outfit you will probably wear to greet the kids).
    Do your research Mr. Touchy-Feely (how apropos) – Obama would like to implement this in K-12. Hey, a government job – you could be his spokesman.

  121. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Not telling them, offering it as a method to your side. The movement murdered doctors, blocked and assaulted women at clinics, so this might be an option without violating those damn court orders to give space.

    Oh, by the way, the GOP has finally figured out that Trump will be the nominee, and Lucifer will not. I’m no fan of that turkey Boehner, but he can turn a phrase.

  122. Tom says:

    There are no proposed laws anywhere, in any state or city, that would do what I hysterically claim they would do….There are no laws proposed anywhere, in any state or city, that will allow a man-in-a-dress full and unfettered access to the little girls’ showers or locker rooms…I sure thought there were such proposed laws but they are nowhere to be found…
    I tried to find such proposed legislation, but I can’t because it does not exist, so I make up fantastic scenarios in my little-girl-obsessed mind….now I insult you, and tell YOU to do your research because I can’t answer your question.

    As I said, you are just making stuff up now…

  123. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    So you’d actually LIKE us to start killing people? I suppose it would make your bigotry more comfortable, seeing as right now it’s based on nothing but unfounded self-righteousness. But yeah, we don’t take orders from the likes of you, nor are we obligated to make you feel better about your tiny, useless little self.

  124. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Except for the fact that the anti-abortionists HAVE killed people. Doctors have been shot in NY and Kansas. Clinics have been burned with the loss of life, fortunately not a woman. There have been arrests for assault on women trying to get into clinics. These have occurred. Sounds like a fairly violent bunch. What’s next? Probably stoning. That’s a reasonable extension.

    BTW, when you started calling names, you lost the argument, just like the rest of the mushwits who can’t keep themselves grounded.

  125. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Seeing as I was right from the get-go, darling, I’d already won. Everything else has just been post-game fanfare.

    I like how you want to talk about the killing of mass murderers, though. You never did try to dispute the fact that they end human lives. Typical leftist, only concerned with those able to be heard, because it disturbs your delicate nerves and disrupts your contentment to be selfish. But then again, why are you complaining about their deaths, dear, when after all, it’s no concern of yours? You should just live your life and stop butting into others’, preaching at them about their business and how to conduct it.

    Stop crusading, dear. Nobody here cares what you think. I’m probably the only person listening to you right now, as it is, and you’re getting boring–which means you’re likely to wind up alone, screaming clumsy insults at nobody, just like in your real life.

  126. Ed. G. Mann says:

    I only deal in facts. Nothing I posted is incorrect. Frankly, I don’t like abortions. Never have, never will. But I’m not going to tell you what to do with your uterus or any other women body. As a Daoist, I live a clean, ethically correct life interfering with no one’s decisions to make a wreck of theirs.

    You probably won’t want to believe that, so what. That doesn’t affect my life in the least.

    You cannot believe how serene my life actually is.

  127. Alphamail says:

    Jan. 8, 2016 – This enacted Washington State Human Right’s Commission rule affects public and private buildings, including stores, schools, restaurants, and most places of employment, and – according to one’s gender identity, allows access to restrooms, locker/shower rooms, and similar facilities.
    February. 10, 2016 – An initiative proposal (SB-6443) by Republican state Representative Graham Hunt, was in response to the state regulation by the HRC which guaranteed access to restrooms, locker rooms and similar facilities according to a person’s gender identity. It was offered to repeal the HRC rule but it failed 25-24 and the punishable rule stands.
    April 29, 2016 – Signatures are being collected for I-1515, an initiative to repeal Washington State’s HRC “Bathroom Rule” by placing it on the November ballot.
    FYI – This rule is a punishable offense and is enforced by the Civil Rights section of the HRC. The enforcement is aimed NOT toward someone who may want to lie about their gender identity, but at people who question the presence of someone who may be of the opposite sex.
    There are cases like this all over – next time do your homework. You are the creepiest crusader for grown men being with little girl’s that I have seen. And at this point, your emotional investment in your cause says it all.

  128. Alphamail says:


    The newscasters relate there already have been attempts to enter women’s bathrooms, and the featured video is a sick preview of coming attractions. Excite you?

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