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Jul 07 2020

Guardian Denounces Skyscrapers as Sexist

Even cities rotted through with moonbattery inspire awe and admiration from a distance due to their majestic skylines. Skyscrapers are a testament to the ingenuity and industriousness of mankind, and to the human race’s noble striving for the sky. Naturally, liberals disapprove. Tall buildings are sexist, according to the Guardian:

As far back as 1977, an American poet and professor of architecture named Dolores Hayden wrote an article with the explosive headline “Skyscraper seduction, skyscraper rape”. Hayden tore into the male power fantasies embodied in this celebrated urban form. The office tower, she wrote, is one more addition “to the procession of phallic monuments in history – including poles, obelisks, spires, columns and watchtowers”, where architects un-ironically use the language of “base, shaft and tip” while drawing upward-thrusting buildings ejaculating light into the night sky.

If it is worth taking pride in, moonbats will denounce it.

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