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Jan 22 2020

Gucci Wages War Against Toxic Masculinity

Because moonbattery is all-encompassing, it dictates even the clothes we wear — or at least the clothes fashion models wear. Paper reports on the Gucci Fall 2020 men’s fashion show in Milan earlier this month, featuring the vision of creative director Alessandro Michele:

Michele boiled down his vision for Gucci to its essence. He wanted to capture the purity of childhood, back when carefree days weren’t tainted by societal norms, particularly those relating to masculine ideals.

Maybe this attempt to capture purity explains why the show appeared to pander to pedophiles by dressing the models as little girls.

In any sector of society that is dominated by liberals, the issue is never the issue. The issue is always moonbattery. Did you think fashion shows are about clothes? Guess again:

“In a patriarchal society, masculine gender identity is often moulded by violently toxic stereotypes,” read the show notes. “A dominant, winning, oppressive masculinity model is imposed on babies at birth. Attitudes, languages and actions end up progressively conforming to a macho virility ideal that removes vulnerability and dependence. Any possible reference to femininity is aggressively banned, as it is considered a threat against the complete affirmation of a masculine prototype that allows no divergencies.”

Someone found a use for their PhD in gender studies.

“Toxic masculinity, in fact, nourishes abuse, violence and sexism,” the show notes continued. “And not only that. It condemns men themselves to conform to an imposed phallocratic virility in order to be socially accepted. In other words, toxic masculinity produces oppressors and victims at the same time.”

At least we can find a refuge from toxic masculinity in the fashion world.

You won’t know whether to guffaw or scream in horror as Gucci presents what moonbats think men should look like:

Hats off to the models. It can’t be easy for a guy to hold a somber, self-important look on his face as he strolls around in circles dressed as a schoolgirl. Marilyn Manson was an apt choice for the music, considering how hard he has worked at being freakish and repulsive.

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