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Aug 03 2018

Guess Who Lynched the Black Doll in Philadelphia?

Maybe liberal ideology is not based on a lie after all. We finally have actual evidence that even if blacks are catered to like deities in public, behind the scenes they face vicious hatred. Ironically, the evidence was uncovered in the white minority City of Brotherly Love:

Police say a black doll was found hanging from a noose above a playground that partly sits on top of a burial site for 5,000 black Philadelphia residents.

The doll was discovered Thursday morning.

Mayor Jim Kenney called it a “despicable act” and said the city will do everything it can to bring to justice those responsible.

The racist culprit had better hope the police find him before angry citizens do, or there is likely to be a lynching for real!

Oh wait…

Immediately, there were strong condemnations from the black community about this hateful depiction of black lynching. And both Philadelphia police and the media were all over the story.

But as NBC-10 and 6ABC report, the whole thing was a prank by a group of mixed-race young children, all under 13. And an African-American pastor who spoke with the children said they had no idea of the potent symbol of lynching they had created.

Even if the kids didn’t know what they were doing, the grownups who hyped the story sure did.

The odds of white kids being responsible were slim. The strongest taboo in our society, one that is driven into children from a young age, is that one must never show disrespect for sacred Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation.

That the actual culprits were “mixed race” (i.e., non-white) is hardly surprising.

There is no reason not to take them at their word that the motive was to “creep people out.”

But that wasn’t the motive of the cultural Marxist media and the professionally aggrieved, who characteristically ran as far as they could go with this incident of supposed racism before it was inevitably revealed to be fake. They all belong on the Hate Hoax List.

On tips from KirklesWorth and Heckrules.

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