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Aug 10 2018

Guess Who Pays Medical Bills for Illegal Alien Who Broke Both Legs Climbing Over Wall

As Part III in this morning’s trilogy of government waste (see also Part I and Part II), let’s discuss the illegal alien who fell from a 30′ wall while invading our country east of San Diego, breaking both of his legs:

He was taken to a hospital in Palm Springs.

The Border Patrol didn’t identify the man. Spokesman Carlos Pitones says the U.S. government typically pays medical expenses for people who are injured crossing the border illegally and they are deported after recovery.

Once recovered, assuming they really are deported, they can quickly bounce back again across the porous border. Illegal aliens have been deported as many as 44 times.

A catapult to send him back over the wall would be more fiscally responsible. More importantly, it would send an important message. The entire Third World knows that all you have to do is cross our border to get the best healthcare in the world, provided at someone else’s expense. As a consequence, emergency rooms are clogged with freeloaders and whole hospitals are going bankrupt. If this continues, no one will have healthcare so that everyone can have it.

Some will argue that setting up catapults at the border is not a serious proposition because it would not be humane. The closest equivalent in American history to the current illegal alien invasion is the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Would we have denied medical treatment to a Japanese pilot who was shot down?

Fair enough. Here is a totally serious proposal that is far more humane. Mine the border. Every sovereign nation has not only a right but a responsibility to its citizens to defend its borders from foreign invasion. Had the border been defended with a minefield instead of a fence, the invader would have stayed home, sparing himself two broken legs.

On a tip from Lyle.

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