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Oct 24 2019

Guilty About His Rapist Getting Deported

The rape epidemic raging in Scandinavia as a consequence of mass immigration by savages does not affect women only. Men too can partake of the multicultural enrichment. However, they may have to deal with feelings of guilt if their rapists get deported back to their homelands.

Voice of Europe recalls a story from Norway:

The rape victim, Karsten Nordal Hauken, who identifies as an anti-racist and feminist was sexually assaulted five years ago.

Although the attack resulted in him sinking into depression and substance abuse, Hauken said that he felt guilty about his sexual abuser being deported back to Somalia after serving a jail sentence in Norway, the Independent reports.

Hauken says he cried when he learned the rapist would be sent home, which he described as a harder punishment than his prison sentence. Blubbered Hauken,

“I was the reason why he should not be left in Norway, but rather to face a very uncertain future in Somalia.”

Hauken’s own future isn’t looking so good, as a result of psychological damage from the rape.

“I am afraid that no girls will want me and that other men will laugh at me. Afraid that I’ll be perceived as anti-feminist when I say that young men who are struggling should get more attention.”

If he doesn’t want people to laugh at him, he should try dropping the moonbattery.

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