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Dec 08 2019

Gun-Free Zone Idiocy Results in Carnage at US Military Installations

The gun-free zones insisted on by Democrats can render any facility helpless to terrorists and mass murders — even US military installations. Even NBC News may be starting to realize that this is insane:

Two mass shootings at U.S. military installations in one week, including one in which the perpetrator was a foreign national, have prompted questions over firearm use on American bases.

Friday’s shooting by a Saudi national who was in the United States for navy training left three people dead and eight injured at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida. It came two days after a sailor shot two civilian Defense Department workers dead at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in Hawaii before killing himself.

You would think someone would have learned something when Muslim terrorist Nidal Hasan was able to kill 13 and injure 32 in Fort Hood in 2009, and maniac Aaron Alexis killed 12 at the Navy Yard in DC in 2013. But policies are usually imposed by Big Government liberals, who learn at a glacial pace.

To thoroughly check everyone coming and going from bases for weapons is not feasible. Consequently, only people who obey rules are affected by the prohibition against carrying a gun on a base. Muslim terrorists and other maniacs do not obey rules.

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