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Aug 03 2019

H.R.1: The Democrat Politician Protection Act

Democrats are pushing a measure that would federalize elections. You might call H.R.1 the Democrat Politician Protection Act. This indicates how bad it is:

The bill HR 1 passed the House of Representatives in a unanimous Democrat vote, with NO Republicans voting for the measure.

Four Republicans and one Democrat did not vote. Otherwise it was straight partisan.

Today’s radicalized Democrats threaten our system of government. Normally, the political pendulum swings left and right. Now, if it swings left, they will take steps to hold it there, for example, by disabling the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, abolishing the Senate, or passing H.R.1.

Info on the bill:

Incidentally, the bill would also force Trump to submit his tax returns — not that the IRS hasn’t already seen them. Democrats are hoping to find something embarrassing in them, since the Russian collusion hoax didn’t pan out.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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