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Oct 05 2015

Haakon Gisvold Joins the Hate Hoax List

Not all hate hoaxes collapse spectacularly with the supposed victim tearfully admitting that the entire crime was staged. Some fabricated or heavily distorted incidents just fade away after the initial explosion of hysteria from liberal authorities, so that hardly anyone notices that we have been lied to once again.

An apparent example is the case of Haakon Gisvold at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks:

University police began investigating allegations of an assault after Haakon Gisvold, 18, reported he was stripped of his clothes, beaten and called homophobic slurs by multiple men in the early hours of Aug. 30 outside Lambda Chi Alpha, 515 Harvard St.

Frat boys strip and beat a politically sacred gay right outside their fraternity! Obviously privileged groups like homosexuals deserve to be even more privileged; look how oppressed they are!

If it supports the liberal agenda a little too perfectly, that nasty odor you’re choking on is probably a rat.

Say Anything brings us up to date:

Student leaders I’ve spoken to at UND have told me that the administration was too quick to condemn the incident, not waiting to see whether or not the facts substantiated the allegations.

“I’m disappointed by [UND] President [Robert] Kelley’s rush to convict students in the court of public opinion without allowing due process to take its course,” former UND Student Body President Nick Creamer, who is in his last year at the school, told me last month. “At this point, local authorities have not issued any sort of statement granting credibility to the allegations that have been made.”

Kelley sent out a campus wide email screeching, “This incident is even more disconcerting given that it followed the recent Grand Forks celebration of LGBT Pride,” heavily implying that a hate crime occurred.

[T]he accusation being leveled at the fraternity members … is that the alleged victim was stripped and beaten while his attackers shouted homosexual slurs. If that really happened at a crowded fraternity party, where are the witnesses coming forward to confirm it?

Keep in mind, too, that this fraternity has elected an advisor who is homosexual and who has vouched for the fraternity members. So it’s a little hard to believe that this fraternity is a den of anti-homosexual bigotry where a gay man could be stripped and beaten and nobody tells law enforcement about it.

No specific assailants have been identified.

We will probably never know exactly what happened. But it looks like Haakon Gisvold deserves a place on the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from two_amber_lamps.

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