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Jul 21 2019

Habitat for Hypocrisy

The generous pose of Democrat pols is no more sincere than their increasingly sporadic displays of patriotism. Those who care about the unfortunate give away their own money, not somebody else’s in exchange for votes. If Beltway Democrats really were as big-hearted as their rhetoric would have you believe, those who have been luxuriating in graft long enough to collect three houses like Bernie Sanders or six houses like Nancy Pelosi would help out newcomers with something along the lines of Habitat for Hypocrisy. After all, charity begins at home.


With the influx of freshman Democrat House members following the mid-term elections – some of whom have expressed concerns about housing or even their next paycheck – some of the more seasoned members of the party have organized a charity to help their colleagues out. Called “Habitat for Hypocrisy”, it’s a way for the new members to get their first luxury mansion while still spouting hackneyed socialist platitudes condemning the rich and maintaining a posture of “standing up for the little people.”

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