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Oct 03 2011

Hank Williams Jr. Gets Axed From Monday Night Football

Here’s how Hank Williams Jr. discomforted the Fox & Friends weenies and got himself kicked off Monday Night Football after a 20-year run:

Hank Jr. wasn’t really even comparing President Zero to Hitler; he was only making a point regarding how absurd it is for Republicans to play footsy with radicals bent on destroying America as we know it. But the media establishment’s tolerance for transgression is extremely limited when it isn’t coming from the left.

Maybe they can get Adam Lambert to do the Monday Night Football song. He’s fairly certain not to offend the wrong people.

On a tip from Fred C. Dobbs.

35 Responses to “Hank Williams Jr. Gets Axed From Monday Night Football”

  1. forest says:

    Jr. gets the boot for an awkward metaphor about opposites, but Madonna gets the invite to do halftime at the Superbowl after grouping McCain with Hitler and Mugabe.

    Anyway, am I the only one who is stating to think that Madonna and Iggy Pop are the same person?

  2. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    It’s funny how the left loves to compare anyone and everyone to Hitler (which really just means they don’t agree with left wing talking points), and nobody says anything. Then someone comes along and compares the Moonbat Messiah to Hitler (which, point for point using actual policies and not just rhetoric is actually a fair comparison) and BAM- out come the thought police to silence the offender. The double standard in this country is absolutely sickening.

  3. Jodie says:

    Here’s a fun song featuring my man Hank Williams JR:

  4. Turbo says:

    Dear Leader’s skin color affords him miraculous protection, doesn’t it? They’re scared because Hank Williams Jr used a ~ minor analogy to describe how polarized we’ve become? And how ridiculous is Fox anymore- SHEEEeeesshhh….

  5. Turbo says:

    Watch, in the name of promoting “racial harmony” ESPN will get King Shabaz to do a new rap opener LOL.. Our world is so *ssinine these days, hey, could happen..

  6. Festivus says:

    He was kind of a buffoon during the interview and he didn’t deny Gretchen’s assertion that he was comparing Obama to Hitler. He affirmed it.

    MNF is a private enterprise and can do as they wish if they think this hurts their brand.

    A big yawn from me.

  7. Michelle says:

    Actually Fred C. Dobbs…..

    Adolph never used a teleprompter, never stammered or stuttered, knew his policies fully, was absolutely committed to his ideas, unified Germany, was incredibly proud of the German populace and the nation, never apologized or was embarassed by Germany, was incredibly motivational, took Germany from a crippled financial disaster to an economic powerhouse and a world power, conquered most of Europe alone, was fantastic at propaganda and selling his ideas, had legions of really talented people as advisers…….

    Adolf sure didn’t need affirmative action, racial set asides, actually came from poverty, need someone else to pay his way, became the German chancelor on his own, actually wrote his own book, which is STILL in print, painted things which sell for millions, lead a cultural revolution, has had dozens of movies made about his life….

    Yeah…. Not a lot of similarities to the Kenyan downgrade….. Nearly the polar opposite.

    Granted they are both totally evil, completely narsasistic, and unbelievibly heartless, but every other commie tyrant is to.

  8. TED says:

    Comparing anyone to Hitler is reserved for the left. That is one of their most sacred lies NEVER to be used by anyone else. They have been calling Republicans Hitler so long that it belongs to them exclusively.

  9. Midnight Rider says:

    There is a line from a song by the Neville Brothers called Fathers and Sons which seems to apply to this situation.

    “It’s freedpm of speech, so long as you don’t say too much.”

    Hank Williams Jr. accurately described Obama as the enemy because he is. For saying so he was taken off the air. (So was Glenn Beck)

    Personally, I like the straight shooters who don’t try to sugar coat it.

    Wake up America, there is a communist living in the White House!

  10. Parkergetinhere says:

    You go, Hank. Good for you for not apologizing. Thin-skinned idiots. ARE YOU READY FOR AN ELECTION?

  11. […] for that, gets suspended from a 20-year gig asking Americans if they’re ready for some Monday night […]

  12. If his comments were directed toward Bush when he was in office they would have played the song twice.

  13. Winston Smith says:

    Did the media flunkes react this way to all BUSHITLER nonsense? Of course not. Its ok to refer to anyone on the right or anyone who isnt a leftist for that matter (even RINOs) as Hitler, Nazi, Fascist. Ironic when its lefties doing it who dont seem to get that Hitler and the Nazis were National Socialists.

  14. Mary says:

    Well said Michelle!

  15. Son of Taz says:

    I saw this interview and my reaction was how could he be drunk before 9am?

    Williams definitely got a bad ice cube before the interview.

  16. FrankW says:

    Where is the oh so balanced defense of the man’s freedom of speech rights by the left? Where are the cries of hyperbole now?

  17. VaGal says:

    I saw this on Twitter: ESPN proved Hank right. You could not criticize Hitler, either.

  18. Cat says:

    If Jr. was saying ogabe is a fascist I agree. But yeah, we have numerous examples were people on the right were call Nazis, Hitler, mass murderers, or worse (/sarc off), yet they were applauded for being courageous rebels. We hear about free speech all the time but I guess unless you say what they want, you don’t get any.

  19. Midnight Rider says:

    Comedian George Lopez: If Obama Doesn’t Have to Prove Where He was Born Why Should We?

  20. Patchman123 says:

    he said it was like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu. Well, the UN has been able to do that for a long time with Israel and the Palestinians. Jimmy Carter certainly brought Palestinian leader Arafat at Camp David with Menachem Begin. Now THAT is like playing golf with Hitler. Hell, the Allies played a game with Hitler over Czechoslovakia.

    Chamberlain could have played golf with Hitler, maybe Petain too.

    They want to bring Palestine and Israel together. Now THAT is like Hitler being friends with the Jews. Palestinians as you well, know love, just freaking love Hitler and would not hesitate to apply a form of his final solution to Israel.

    See what I mean?

  21. Cameraman says:

    “Yeah” all my rowdy friends are coming over to Nite” Bless You Hank Jr for saying what everybody feels! I am watching less and less of Fox, they to are becoming In Line with the MSM..Get all your ducks in a row, for the ONE…Asshats all!

  22. Sinister66 says:

    Not that Hank Jr has any revelancy anymore but from what I just heard on the radio it was onlt a one game suspension and that was last night.

  23. Sinister66 says:


  24. Brian_Boru says:

    But he can skin a buck, he can run a trot line…

  25. Johannes says:

    “Hank Jr. wasn’t really even comparing President Zero to Hitler…”

    Oh please. What’s worse – being the kind of ass hole who says this, or being that same ass hole AND too much of a pussy to stick by it.

    One look at some archive here, and it’s clear that this site exists to do little else than compare Obama to Hitler. I guess you idiots stick together…

  26. Jodie says:

    Hank Williams, Jr. did not say that Obama was a “Hitler” any more than he said that Boehner was anywhere near the caliber of the wise and patient Netanyahu.

    But, I WILL say it. Obama’s agenda is very much like Hitler’s. In other words, they both followed Satan’s playbook. Obama had the “Beer Summit”, Hitler had the “Beer Hall Putsch”. They have both used labor unions to forcefully and violently push their evil agendas. They both have used schools to brainwash children into worshiping and believing in them. Obama has been keeping the children scared of him, by threatening year-round schooling and longer hours.

    It’s Satan’s evil agenda and I’ve said all along that the only one who is going to stop Obama is Jesus.

  27. Scotty says:

    What do you expect? The NFL gave $364K to the Democrat party last election and ESPN has to bow to them. Think about that before you drop $75 for the kids jersy.

  28. Festivus says:

    Look, I think this whole thing is stupid and the Hitler comparisons on both side are counter-productive and silly.

    Having said that, the guy was comparing Obama to Hitler. No question about it. It was a stupid thing to say and I think I agree with the previous poster, Son of Taz, who observed that Williams was probably drunk. Now does that warrant him getting pulled? I don’t know. He wasn’t being a very good representative of MNF if you ask me. He should probably make a heartfelt apology and try to smooth things over and maybe it will all go away.

    You have to fast forward to 3:05 where conversation goes like this:

    [i}Carlson: “You used the name of one of the most hated people in all of the world to describe the, uh, I think, the Presdient.”

    Williams: “(Laughs) Well that’s true. That is true. But, I’m telling you like it is…”

    Then, there’s also the fact that right after he used the Hitler/Netanyahu line, at about 1:52, he says Obama and Biden are the enemy (I don’t think he regards Netanyahu as an analogous enemy).

  29. Ex-bat says:

    Personally, I’m no fan of football… but wouldn’t you think there’d be more fans of football who AGREE with Mr. Williams, and more fans of something like ping-pong who are fans of Obie??

  30. francene johnson says:

    It always makes me mad for bad behavior on either side of the isle.I find to often it’s glorified and we have the nerve to ask what’s wrong with our kids. LOOK IN THE MIRROR! It’s no excuse–Being drunk either.

  31. Disgusted with Obama says:

    Lighten up “francene”. Maybe you could stand a drink.

    I would like to think that I would have stood up for the Jews if I lived in Hitler’s time. I know that I will stand up for them now against this Muslim loving, America hating president, who has promised to divide Jerusalem and give half to the Palestinians. In case you don’t know, Jerusalem is God’s holy city that He promised to the Jews.

  32. Jodie says:

    If anyone would like to let ESPN know how you feel about their banning Hank Williams Jr’s song, here is a link to their Member Services to leave a comment. You don’t have to include your last name or address – just first name and zip code.

  33. Free says:

    “Maybe they can get Adam Lambert to do the Monday Night Football song.”

    They’ve already chosen Perez Hilton to do it he’s recording in a San Francisco recording studio/dungeon today.

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