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Dec 23 2012

Hanoi John Kerry, Tax Evader

Obviously Secretary of State nominee Hanoi John Kerry is no patriot from the point of view of an American, given that he violated the Logan Act by secretly canoodling with representatives of North Vietnam, spewed horrific lies against our troops in both Vietnam and Iraq, supports turning over our money and sovereignty to hostile foreigners through the outrageous LOST treaty, described the USA as an “international pariah,” et cetera, ad nauseam. Turns out, he isn’t a patriot from the point of view of a moonbat either — because he doesn’t want to pay his “fair share”:

Why is it that a guy who was reelected on a platform that consisted entirely of promising to raise taxes keeps nominating people who won’t pay their taxes?

On a tip from Bob.

8 Responses to “Hanoi John Kerry, Tax Evader”

  1. Eleanor in Hell says:

    Simões-Ferreira should take this clown and move back to Mozambique. Do America a huge favor, b!tch.

  2. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    OK, Babs, that’s enough commenting from the Peanut Gallery.

  3. Eric says:

    You screw up, you move up. Typical liberal policy to pick the worst imaginable candidate for any office and nominate away.

  4. Remember when John Kerry claimed President Nixon sent him on a secret mission to Cambodia in 1968? That was quite a trick, since Nixon wasn’t president until 1969.

  5. equality of results for all says:

    There is a new term about the current state of affairs it is called the ineptocracy.

  6. Dr. 9 says:

    Welcome to Amerika 2013. Instead of hanging traitors and phony war “heros”, we give them big powerful positions in govt.


  7. phoenix project says:

    The us govt is a registered and broke corp of Maryland. Both parties serve the same masters. Both of their koolaid drinkers will appear here and elsewhere blaming the other. That is how the elite have divided and conquered us. They get the goodies during good and bad times because they have their hands in our wallets. Let the system collapse, re- secure the American revolution and arrest and execute the traitors.

  8. dan says:

    The crooks and inebt-ocrats haven’t figured out that NDAA
    and the internment camps are for them…just give them a little more rope…

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