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Oct 08 2018

Happy Columbus Day!

Today we celebrate the great Christopher Columbus, who bestowed upon indigenous people the priceless gift of Western Civilization. The benefit of the comfortable and fulfilling lives that Americans of all ethnicities have the opportunity to live over the nasty, brutish, and short subsistence existences of pre-Columbian Stone Age savages are obvious to everyone — except of course moonbats.

Because liberals want us to be ashamed of Western Civilization rather than take pride in it, they are phasing Columbus Day out of existence, either maliciously changing it to Indigenous People’s Day in order to portray Columbus as a fiend (e.g., Berkeley; Santa Cruz; San Francisco; Cincinnati; Seattle; Portland; Oberlin, OH; Somerville, MA) or just ignoring it altogether, as they now do even in the major American city that is named after Columbus:

Columbus city government will be open Monday, the federal holiday that celebrates the city’s namesake.

The move represents a major change for city government, which up through last year has traditionally shut down operations on Columbus Day. …

Some Native Americans and other groups have criticized the federal holiday honoring Columbus, whose credit for being first to discover the Americas has been questioned by some historians and because of the deaths of indigenous people that ultimately resulted after Europeans arrived here.

The “other groups” consist of Cultural Marxists who exploit centuries-past grievances to advance a destructive agenda.

No one, Indian or otherwise, wants to go back to the hand to mouth existence that preceded the arrival of Columbus. Yet for the crime of personifying the expansion of Western Civilization, Columbus is hated by progressives. After they have erased his holiday, they will unperson Columbus altogether.

Steven Crowder dismantles myths moonbats use to attack Columbus Day:

Leftists screech falsely about genocide. Attempts to abolish Columbus Day are cultural genocide. Resist them. Fly Old Glory today and wish someone a Happy Columbus Day.

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