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Apr 18 2019

Harris County Prepares to Pander to Lawbreakers

The Democrat Party is the criminal party. It implements a criminal ideology based on theft, degeneracy, and the abnegation of personal responsibility. Democrats want felons voting because felons, unlike many law-abiding citizens, will vote their interests. Having taken control of Harris County (greater Houston), Democrats are demonstrating just how far they will go to advance the interests of criminals at the expense of everyone else. A proposed settlement in a bail lawsuit would entail reforms bestowing lavish benefits upon lawbreakers.

They would, among other changes: require Harris County to provide free child care at courthouses, develop a two-way communication system between courts and defendants, give cell phones to poor defendants and pay for public transit or ride share services for defendants without access to transportation to court.

Providing free cell phones explicitly for criminals tops the insanity of the ObamaPhone.

However, the disadvantaged will want to know why they only get a free Uber ride instead of a chauffeur-driven limousine. In contrast, the victims of their crimes do not get free Uber rides.

The cost of the goodies will supposedly be covered by savings resulting from fewer lawbreakers being kept in jail. It won’t be covered by fees:

Courts would be barred from charging any fees to poor defendants, defined as those earning less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level, which is about $25,000 for someone with no dependents.

Conveniently for illegal aliens, this would include anyone whose tax-free income is off the books.

The proposal also would reduce penalties for missed court dates. A defendant could not be deemed to have failed to appear if he arrived in court on the day assigned, even if he was hours late.

Free manis and pedis for accused criminals will have to wait for the next round of reforms. But there is a new bail schedule…

…under which about 85 percent of people arrested on misdemeanors automatically qualify for release on no-cash bonds.

What about the hardship or at least inconvenience getting arrested causes criminals?

The proposal also would require courts to schedule hearings at least three days after misdemeanor defendants are released from jail, to ensure they have an opportunity to “address the disruption in their lives caused by the arrest,” according to the draft.

Elections have consequences. This lunacy is among them.

Since the 15 Republican misdemeanor judges named as defendants in the case were swept out of office last November, attorneys for the county, the hearing officers and poor defendants have worked together on the settlement.

As Houston is going, so will go the nation. It’s a matter of demographics. That’s the point of the open border and the welfare state.

On a tip from Byron. Hat tip: Big Jolly Times.

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