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Apr 26 2013

Harrison Ford’s Chest Waxing Revisited

Harrison Ford must be a great actor. On screen, he can pass himself off as cool characters like Han Solo and Indiana Jones, even though in real life he is an absurd draft-dodging moonbat weenie. Jason Mattera calls him on his outrageous envirohypocrisy:

On a tip from Mary. Hat tip: The Right Scoop.

6 Responses to “Harrison Ford’s Chest Waxing Revisited”

  1. turn it off says:

    Harrison who?

  2. Raumschiff says:

    Ohh…star wars yea that was cool in kindergarten and first grade but I didn’t want to make a lifestyle out of it or think the actors in it were heroes or something.

  3. SandyS says:

    When he volunteers for a Brazilian wax, I might listen, for 3 seconds and then laugh my arse off.

  4. Bo Jangles says:

    Can you think of anyone in Commiewood who’s more effeminate?

  5. Jodie says:

    Remember Mel Tillis? He couldn’t talk without stuttering, but when he sang, it was beautiful and the stuttering went away.

    Similarly, with Harrison Ford, when he acts, he does a wonderful job, but in interviews, he is very slow and seems to be high, mildly retarded, or drunk.

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