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Mar 20 2019

Harvard Discards Fundamental Legal Principle

When the people who rule college campuses say they want to abolish whiteness, they don’t just mean people with white skin. They mean the culture created by people with white skin. They mean things our ancestors painstakingly developed over centuries and that we are so used to by now that some people take them for granted no matter how precious they are. An example would be the right to a fair trial with legal representation even for people who are no longer in fashion, like former Hollyweird bigwig Harvey Weinstein. From the esteemed countermoonbat Heather Mac Donald:

Harvard has opened an investigation into law professor Ronald Sullivan, who earlier this year joined Harvey Weinstein’s criminal-defense team. Some undergraduates complained that Mr. Sullivan’s decision to represent Mr. Weinstein, who is charged with rape in New York, puts them at risk. By taking the complaint seriously, Harvard puts its commitment to identity politics above the core tenets of due process.

Core tenets of due process are the work of dead white males. They must be abolished. You can’t have justice if you want social justice.

Student backlash was immediate when the New York Post reported in late January that Mr. Sullivan would be representing Mr. Weinstein. A visual and environmental studies major started an online petition to remove Mr. Sullivan from his position as faculty dean of Winthrop House, one of Harvard’s 12 undergraduate residential houses. Mr. Sullivan’s choice of client was “deeply trauma-inducing,” and shows that Mr. Sullivan doesn’t “value the safety of students,” the petition announced.

Look out. When student crybullies whimper the words “trauma” and “safety,” that means they are lacing up their boots so they can stomp on someone’s face.

Would Winthrop residents “really want to one day accept [a] Diploma,” the petition asked, from someone who “believes it is okay to defend” Mr. Weinstein?

Would any American want a diploma from someone who believes it is okay to deny Weinstein legal defense?

The repugnant Harvey Weinstein was denounced at this site long before liberals stopped loving this major Obama fundraiser. But this is an American website, so it believes that the accused have a right to legal defense, even if they are slimy moonbat creepazoids. Whether Harvard is still an American institution in any meaningful sense is for readers to decide.

That Harvard educrats are pandering to the crybullies rather than defending Sullivan suggests that the answer is no.

Hilariously, Sullivan — who is lucky enough to be black — is defending himself with the race card, preposterously suggesting that ultra-PC Harvard is out to get him because it is run by white supremacists. If only he would defend himself by referring to basic legal principles, there would be a good guy in this story.

On a tip from Varla.

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